How to Repurpose Your Wardrobe

We all have items in our closet that we just don’t seem to wear anymore, but I love the idea of reworking your wardrobe. Whether you are repurposing your old jewelry or making a dress into a top. there are so many ways you can get creative. It pays to get creative and look for other ways to refresh your existing wardrobe and find new ways to use them.

How To Repurpose Your Old Clothing

Tip # 1. Play With Old Accessories to Revamp An Old Outfit

We are seeing more fast fashion which is inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends. However, some of the quality in these items is not there, especially in some of the details. This is also not sustainable fashion so not the most climate friendly.

Statement tee’s like this are always one of my most complimented items from my closet and buying them is not cheap. And it’s so simple to recreate with a necklace you aren’t using. You don’t even need a sewing machine. Just take the chain end of the chain off your old necklaces and use a need and thread to add it the collar of your short or long sleeved t-shirt or sweater!

How to Repurpose Your Wardrobe

if your looking for a shirt to create, here are some example of using the old jewelry and placing on sweaters and t-shirts.

How to Repurpose Your Wardrobe

Tip # 2. Wear Particular Items in a Different Way

Wear Particular Items in a Different Way

Some pieces of clothing have so much versatility. Take this bold shoulder tshirt dress for example. It could be changed easily – take a pair of scissors and make into a cropped tee or style it with a high waisted jean and layer under a Moto jacket or blazer.

Tip # 3. Work with Patterns and Mixed Media

One of my favorite shoes are these vans. I bought them years ago and alway get so many comments on them. I love the pattern and mixed media of these classics sneakers.

These would be so easy to create a similar look. Head to an antique shop and get some old broaches such as these and create your own look!

vans shoes with decoden

These are some old broaches my grandmother and mother had. I love that they have story behind them. You could even add these broaches to a blazer to add an element to your outfit! I’m think about breaking up the pearl bracelet, I think one just pearls would to so classic and chic.

How to Repurpose Your Wardrobe


Upcycling closet and be a great way to get creative with a sewing machine like wearing items a different way such as turning a skirt into a dress or even using a pair of jeans in the unique way. It pays to get creative and look for other ways to refresh your existing wardrobe and find new ways to use them and your style will be unique to you.

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