Lightweight Sweaters for Spring

Spring time weather is so exciting because it is finally starting to warm up after all the freezing cold weather. However, spring weather can also be weird and so in between hot and cold. It’s not cold enough for your thick sweaters but on the other hand it’s also not warm enough for just short sleeves. That is where lightweight sweaters come in handy because they provide enough warmth for those chilly spring nights and mornings while still keeping you cool throughout the day. They’re an absolute staple for any transitioning period into different seasons. If you love this post check out my current spring trends post for more spring inspiration!

Lightweight Sweaters for Spring

Lightweight Sweaters for Spring
Lightweight Sweaters for Spring

Quarter Length Sleeves

Quarter Length Sleeves | Lightweight Sweaters for Spring

I love this sweater solely because of the sleeve length which makes it so versatile. It is a light cream color and can go with almost any outfit. I styled it here with some leather trouser pants, sneakers, and my favorite Amazon clutch for a work casual look. Another great way to style it for a casual look is with jean shorts. This is a great transitional look that will keep you comfortable all day. The quarter length sleeves and knit material give this sweater excellent breathability as the days warm up.But it also will still keep you warm for those early mornings.

Puff Sleeve Sweater

how to style Puff Sleeve Sweater | Lightweight Sweaters for Spring

This is one of my favorite spring finds this year! I love the unique detailing of the puff sleeves and the knit body. You’ll be receiving compliments about this sweater all day. This outfit is great for a brunch date with the girls, I paired it with a classic pair of white denim with distressed detailing. For a monochromatic outfit like this I really like to add pops of color with accessories. For example, here I added pops of color with layered chunky gold jewelry. This keeps your outfit chic without ruining your trendy monochromatic look.

Lightweight Pullover Sweater

Lightweight Pullover Sweater | Lightweight Sweaters for Spring
pullover sweater and white pants

This lightweight pullover sweater is a closet staple of mine. I have so many colors in order to have easy access to a good layering piece. These sweaters are so easy to find in all price ranges and colors. My favorite place to get mine are either Express or Nordstrom. Nordstrom has so many brands and colors to choose from while Express is always having some form of sale. These are so easy to dress up with a pair of flared trouser pants and mini heels or to dress down with a pair of classic denim. Lately tans and whites has been my favorite color combo, they pair together so well to create a chic and classic look.

A Cardigan

Lulus zip-up sweater

This was a bit of an impulse buy for me and I have no regrets! This zip-up sweater is such a unique and trendy piece and adds the perfect detailing for an all black outfit. I got this one from Lulus which is usually my one stop shop for trendy items. Lulus has so many options with a fair price point and quality. This sweater goes well with an athletic outfit to add a chic touch or with a pair of denim shorts and tee to elevate a plain casual look. I love that this sweater has a subtle print that can be tossed over any outfit to elevate any casual look.

Sweater Dress

how to wear a sweater dress

I am obsessed with this sweater dress! I love the light ruffle detailing on the sleeves along with the slits up the sides. This dress is so versatile due to the knit material with sleeve length. In the winter I love to throw a jacket on over it with booties. But when spring comes around I throw that jacket off and the dress has a whole new look! Here I kept my favorite color combo of tan and cream with tan booties and a tan clutch. For a more casual look you can add a cropped and distressed denim jacket and a pair of classic sneakers. This dress is such a great piece to keep in your closet because it can be styled for any season.

Short Sleeve Sweater

Short Sleeve Sweater | Lightweight Sweaters for Spring
Shop The Look

First off this tee is so comfortable and super flattering! This top is great to throw under a jacket due to the fact that it is lightweight enough for breathability. But when it starts to warm up throughout the day it looks and feels great on its own. These tees are a great spring staple item because they can be found in so many different colors and sleeve lengths. I like to keep a lot of short sleeve versions on hand because they’re more comfortable under a jacket than a long sleeve version. These tops are so versatile and can be worn with any type or bottom from a skirt, to shorts, to pants. I like to personally invest in these types of tops because I do wear them through numerous seasons and want them to last.

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