Med Spa Treatments | Renew Oklahoma

Ok ladies, today I’m spilling all my anti-aging secrets all in one blog post. I’m always super honest and transparent when asked what my favorite med spa treatments at Renew Oklahoma and I thought it was the perfect time to go through each treatment, how often I get them and the benefits of each treatment all in one blog post. As some of you might already know I’ve been getting treatments from Dr. Shelley, Renew Oklahoma for about 2 years now, whom I completely trust. My goal is not to look like the 25 year old self but the best version of me at 42. So, I hope you enjoy today’s post because I’m sharing everything! Besides treatments, it takes dedication to a morning and nighttime skincare routine. Med Spa Treatments | Renew Oklahoma Also, if you are looking for a quick recap of all my treatments, check out my highlight over on instagram covering all my behind the scene treatments. Dysport/Botox My Review | I found that Dysport personally works best for me as it last longer. My Dosage 16 units between the eyes 12 units in the forehead 8 units for my crows feet 4 units for my … Continue reading Med Spa Treatments | Renew Oklahoma