10 Fall Fashion Color Trends for 2023

With fall swiftly approaching, it’s that time of the year to welcome the rich and inviting colors of the season. From the runways to everyday fashion, even to nail colors, certain hues are beginning to take center stage as the trendsetters for fall 2023. So today, I’m excited to share the most sought-after fall fashion color trends, ranging from the timelessness of chocolate browns to the fiery look of bold reds, the cool vibes of frosty blues, and much more. So get ready to add these beautiful colors to your wardrobe and let them inspire your fall fashion!

10 Fall Fashion Color Trends for 2023

Sharing 10 chic fall fashion color trends for 2023 and beyond.

Chocolate Brown

Fall Fashion Color Trends for 2023

Chocolate brown is the epitome of a classic fall color, and it will never go out of style. But what I especially love about this shade is its versatility. Whether you wear it in a handbag, a jacket, a pair of shoes, or any other piece, it will elevate your look. You can seamlessly incorporate it into your fall wardrobe in various ways. Opt for a monochromatic brown outfit idea, or use this color as a stylish accent to elevate any fall look. This chocolate brown bag from DeMellier is one of my go-to accessories for the season.

Shades of Gray

Gray Fall Fashion Color Trends for 2023

Shades of gray are definitely another timeless color trend this year. Whether it’s the understated elegance of a classic gray blazer, the urban chic of New Balance sneakers, or the versatile vibe of gray trousers, this color is truly timeless. Making it a go-to choice for both casual and formal wear this fall. I personally love this gray dress from Reformation as a chic date night or occasion outfit idea this fall.

Bold Reds

Red Fall Fashion Color Trends for 2023

Bold reds are definitely a color trend making waves this year, as they not only have made a strong appearance on runways, but in street style alike. I personally love how this vibrant color adds a bold and confident touch to outfits and accessories. Whether you choose to go for a classic red dress, a cozy red cardigan, or simply add a classy red bag to your outfit, you are sure to look stylish with this trend.


Bone Fall Fashion Color Trends for 2023

Bone is another notable color trend for Fall 2023. It’s a soft, neutral hue that resembles the shade of ivory or off-white. Wearing bone is a great choice if you’re looking to swap your bright summer whites for something a bit more muted for fall. I also love how versatile this color is. Whether you opt for a bone colored sweater with a slip skirt, a bone blazer, or a pair of boots, this color will have you looking elegant all season. Whether you’re incorporating it as a main element or as an accent, bone is a chic and timeless choice for the season. Additionally, for chic blazer and jeans fall outfit ideas, be sure to check out my post here.


Clay Bone Fall Fashion Color Trends for 2023

Clay is a classic fall color, and it is here to stay for Fall 2023. It’s reminiscent of burnt orange or terracotta, offering a warm and earthy vibe. I love adding this color to my wardrobe for that classic fall vibe. Whether it’s a clay colored sweater, a scarf, or even a pair of boots, incorporating this rich and inviting color into your wardrobe adds a touch of seasonal charm and timelessness to your fall look.

Butter Yellow

Butter yellow fall color

Butter yellow, a soft and creamy shade reminiscent of butter, has been a prominent color for Summer 2023 and is set to continue into Fall as a trendy choice. From cozy sweaters to stylish boots and playful accessories, butter yellow will effortlessly brighten up your fall wardrobes. I personally love wearing butter yellow as an accent color. For example, this pair of boots and this handbag are two of my favorite fall pieces in this color.

Frosty Blue

Frosty blue fall hues

Frosty blue, a cool blue with a hint of frosty gray, is typically associated with winter and spring but has become a beloved choice for Fall 2023. This gorgeous color is incredibly versatile and is a perfect choice as the weather starts to become cooler in fall. I love adding this color to my wardrobe through a chic fall statement coat or a stylish bag. It also pairs seamlessly with other neutrals like bone or black, adding a touch of elegance to any ensemble while maintaining a fresh look.


Camel fall hues

Camel, a timeless fall classic, is always one of my favorites for the season. It is a warm and rich color, similar to tan, that seamlessly fits into autumn wardrobes. Camel is particularly well suited for cozy fall essentials like sweaters and coats. Whether you’re wearing a camel knit or wrapping up in a camel coat, this shade will pair effortlessly with a variety of other fall tones, making it perfect for the season. I personally love pairing it with bone and clay for an extra-fall look. Mango always has a great selection of camel fall essentials as well, like their gorgeous Coatigan. Check out more of their fall 2023 arrivals here.


Burgundy fall hues

Burgundy, a deep and rich red with a hint of purple, is yet another timeless fall classic. It’s a shade that is known for adding touch of luxury to any outfit. Personally, I’m a fan of incorporating burgundy as a statement jacket or as an accent color in accessories like bags or shoes. It’s also great for special occasion dresses and skirts during the holiday season. I personally adore this slip skirt for fall.

Kelly Green

Kelly Green fall fashion

Kelly green has been very popular this summer, notably showcased by brands like Bottega Veneta in their bags and accessories. However, as fall arrives, kelly green is still on trend as a fresh color to add to our looks. Incorporating kelly green as an accent color can add a chic burst of color into your autumn outfits. A kelly green bag or scarf, for instance, can effortlessly elevate your fall look, adding a touch of brightness to the season’s more muted tones. Also, if you love designer brands like me, but are always looking to save, check out my Fall Designer Staples as well.

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