30 Spring Acrylic Nail Ideas

Switching up your nail color is definitely the easiest way to add some pop to your outfits or just your day all together. Nail designs have become so intricate and unique in the last year creating endless possibilities when it comes to getting your nails done. In the past I use to keep my nails the same cut, color, and style for months until I finally got bored. However, now with all the new ideas circling around I change them every month! This week I will be sharing 30 Spring Acrylic Nail Ideas to get your nail inspiration flowing! If you are needing more Spring inspo check out my Spring Capsule Wardrobe here!

30 Spring Acrylic Nail Ideas

White Nails

When going to the beach for Spring break or Summer break I love a good white nail design. However, I do like to switch it up and add some unique detailing to take white nails up a notch. I’m obsessing over the swirl white nail design. I love that is not a french tip and is not a super wild design and also remains neutral colored. It is super subtle and chic! The design could easily be used for bridal nails for your bachelorette trip or shower! My Pintrest is full of neutral nail color designs including fun white patterns! Feel free to check out my nail pins here!

Green Nails

A light forest green or mint green are great base colors for a Spring nail idea. In my opinion subtle green shades like these above are considered a neutral color. It is so versatile and different shades can be worn in any season with a few tweaks. Majority of these greens above make great ideas for a transitional nails leading up into Spring while a good pastel mint color is great for Easter or when the weather is officially warm!

Accent Nails

Accent nails along with floral nails art and designs are making a major comeback this Spring. I remember in the past having a flower or some type of nail art on your nails was essential to show off that you got your nails done. However, the flowers slowly faded out but are now back. I’m loving all the unique flower designs people are coming up with to keep nails looking chic and clean even with a design. For example, the bottom right nail design of one hand a plain color while the other is a multitude of colors is such a unique idea I have never seen before! I love that it is so different but still super subtle.

French Tips

French tips will forever be a classic in my mind and always a go to when you cant decide on an idea. I’m loving all the creativity in french manicures designs lately. White is still a classic choice but adding a pop of color with a french dip design is a great way to add some color for Spring! By doing this you are not overdoing it on the bright colors and it gives a natural nails look. I will forever and always be the Queen of neutrals. But if I’m wanting to add a fun pop of color for a special occasion I stick to a french tip.

I have also been seeing a lot of use of nail polish with metals lately which I am all for! I love the idea of adding pops of shining metallics to a nail design. It seem to pull the colors more of the design while adding an eye catching detail. Check with your nail tech next time to see if she can find you some metallic colors to add to your next mani.

Multicolor Nails & Pastel Nails

Multicolored nails are all the rage right now from a different color on every finger to multiple colors on one finger. This is such a fun way to express yourself through your nails and I am totally here for this nails trend! I love that colorful nails are not only super cute, but they work with short nails just as good as with long nails. Pick your favorite colors for some personality or stick to a color scheme to make them largely appealing to the eye. When it comes to multicolor nail designs Pintrest is my go to for finding inspiration! Or on the other hand, I will simply talk to my nail tech as they see all the different designs day in and day out.

Colorful Nails

In the Spring it appears that more people gravitate towards colorful nail designs. Besides a colored french tip I love a good ombre nail design. Ombre is a great subtle way to have colorful nails for Spring. However, I am obsessing over the bottom middle design. It is so unique with a multitude of colors! However, it still remains as chic as ever! I love the touches of the metallic gold to add some pop to the colors.

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