benefits of facials at home with ziip beauty

As a busy mom of 3, investing in myself and taking care of my skin is a huge priority for me. I recently discovered ZIIP halo beauty device and personally, this tool gives me immediate results and instant gratification. It’s the only home-use beauty device in the world to use microcurrent and nanocurrent making it the standout choice for beauty enthusiasts. After my initial week of use, I’ve experienced its amazing benefits and am so excited about the noticeable lifting effect even from the very first treatment.

benefits of facials at home

benefits of facials at home with ziip beauty

It’s a reminder of how important it is to invest in your skin and well-being. ZIIP Beauty does more than just lift. It also rejuvenates your complexion, thanks to its dual technology, leaving your skin brighter and reducing signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. So today I’m excited to dive into all things ZIIP Beauty with you. From answering frequently asked questions to explaining how this device can upgrade your skincare routine, blending the best of both advanced technology and simplicity for major results. Stay tuned for my full ZIIP beauty review including before and afters of my 6 week trial.

ZIIP offers many skincare benefits, like lifting and toning your skin, making it tighter, brighter, and smoother. It can also help with uneven skin tone, reduce puffiness, and make your skin look plump. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a non-surgical way to get some of the benefits of facelifts and botox, all from the comfort of your home. Use the code AMANDAHALO 15% off ZIIP Halo and Gels

What is the difference between MICROCURRENT AND NANOCURRENT?


  • Targets facial muscles to contract and relax
  • Gives you a lifted and tightened appearance


  • cellular level wavelengths
  • facilates growth and repair
  • best for long lasting results

what is the halo affect?

ZIIP is the only beauty device to give both immediate results and lasting effect. Achieve long-term skincare results through the power of nanocurrent, that just get better each time you us it. Here’s what happens to your skin over 6 weeks of using ZIIP consistently.

  • 0-24 Hours Lifted and Contoured
  • 15-48 Hours Brighter Skin
  • 7 Day Increased Lift
  • After 6 weeks of use and recommends 5x per week for the initial 6 weeks
    • Reduced Wrinkles
    • Reduced Lines
    • Smooth Skin
    • Glowing Skin
  • Use the code AMANDAHALO 15% off ZIIP Halo and Gels

How to Use the ziip halo

How to Use the ziip halo | benefits of facials at home with ziip beauty

Step 1. Apply 4-8 pumps of Electric Complex Gel or serum of your choice to clean, dry skin.

Step 2. Turn on your ZIIP HALO using the power button located between the silver globes to activate THE LIFT treatment.

Step 3. Starting on one side of your face, glide both silver globes upwards from your jawline to forehead.

Step 4. Once you feel the vibration (every 5 seconds), move your ZIIP HALO and repeat the movement. We recommend starting from the outside of your face and working your way in.

Step 5. When you hear the beep, move to the other side of your face and repeat.

Step 6. Your ZIIP HALO will automatically turn off after your 4-minute facial is complete.

Step 7. Your ZIIP HALO will always reset back to THE LIFT treatment when switched off. If you want to try a different treatment, sync your ZIIP HALO with another treatment via the ZIIP App.


One of my favorite things about my new beauty tool is the access of the ZIIP app to get the best results with ease of use at home. It connects seamlessly with your ZIIP Halo device to offer comprehensive, one-click facials that cater to your entire face, each designed with a specific focus and desired outcome. Whether you’re looking for a lift, instant gratification, or a thorough all-inclusive facial, the app lets you choose the perfect treatment for your needs. It’s the simplest way to achieve top notch at-home facials, tailored to your skin’s specific needs.

  • 7 FULL FACIALS: Lasting between 4 to 12 minutes each, these facials provide a treatment for the entire face, focusing on various outcomes from lifting to rejuvenation.
  • 6 TARGETED TREATMENTS: These quick 2 to 3-minute treatments are perfect for focusing on specific areas or outcomes, like contouring or plumping, offering effective skincare solutions.
  • 3 TREATMENT PLANS: Ranging from 7 to 30 days, these plans showcase the transformative potential of your skin with ZIIP’s specifically designed regimens, encouraging commitment for lasting results.

Which Ziip gel is best for you?

Using the Ziip gels is a must to allow the

Electric Complex Everyday | Gel Anti-aging Gold Gel | Crystal Vegan Gel | Silver Sensitive Skin Gel

Use the code AMANDAHALO 15% off ZIIP Halo and Gels



ZIIP works by using special low-voltage electricity to give your skin a powerful facial. It has two types of currents: microcurrent and ZIIP nanocurrent™. The microcurrent is like a workout for your face muscles, helping to lift, tone, and shape your skin for an immediate effect. The ZIIP nanocurrent™, which is a tiny electrical current, helps your skin cells repair and look fresher by making more of a chemical called ATP. This can make your skin look brighter and reduce signs like fine lines. Together, these currents make your skin look better in a way that lasts and is even good for sensitive skin.


I noticed results after just one use with ZIIP, and many users also see an immediate lifting effect after their first treatment. But it really depends on your skin and what you’re looking to improve. For the best long-term results, it’s suggested to use ZIIP up to 5 times a week for at least 6 weeks. That way, you give your skin a good chance to show those lasting changes.

Right away, you’ll see the change. Just four minutes with The Lift and your skin will look less puffy and more lifted, giving you an instant confidence boost.

In three days, you’ll really start to feel the difference. Waking up to a fresh, glowing face in the mirror, thanks to ZIIP HALO’s special nanocurrent.

Give it three weeks, and others will notice too. Get ready for compliments on your smoother, brighter, and more even skin.

But that’s just the start. Stick with ZIIP, and the HALO EFFECT will keep giving your skin the best, showing off what commitment to your skincare routine can really do.


If you’re new to using ZIIP, it might feel a bit odd at first to sense the electrical ‘buzz’ during use, but it’s totally normal. You might even notice some muscle movements when the device touches your skin. This is all part of how ZIIP works, and feeling that buzz is a good sign that it’s doing its job.

Right away, you’ll see the change. Just four minutes with The Lift and your skin will look less puffy and more lifted, giving you an instant confidence boost.

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