16 Classy Grey Jean Outfit Ideas for Fall

Grey jeans are a staple in my fall wardrobe because they offer a great alternative to classic blue jeans, matching the season’s cooler tones perfectly. They can be tricky to style, though, which is why I’ve put together 16 outfit ideas to help you incorporate grey jeans into your autumn looks. From casual outfits that are great for everyday wear to more formal options suitable for work, these ideas will ensure you get the most out of this versatile piece this fall.

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16 Classy Grey Jean Outfit Ideas for Fall

Sharing 16 classy grey jean outfit ideas for fall.

Black Blazer + Samba Sneakers + Grey Jeans | Smart Casual Outfit Idea

Classy Grey Jean Outfit Ideas for Fall

This grey blazer and grey jeans outfit paired with white Sambas strikes a chic balance between smart and casual perfect for nailing that effortlessly put-together look. Additionally, for more ways to style blazers with jeans, check out my post here where I share more inspiration for this classic combination.

Grey Scarf Jacket + Black Boots + Grey Jeans Outfit Idea

Grey Scarf Jacket fall outfit

A grey scarf jacket paired with grey jeans and black boots outfit offers a simple yet stylish look for fall, perfect for staying cozy and on-trend. Also, this look is a great option to wear anywhere from the office, to brunch with friends, and beyond.

Grey Blazer + White Button Down + Gray Jeans Outfit Idea

Grey Blazer and jeans outfit

Wearing grey jeans with a grey blazer and a white button-down offers a chic, polished business casual look. It’s undoubtedly an effective way to keep it professional with a touch of modern style.

White Button Up + Grey Jeans Outfit Idea

White Button Up and jeans outfit

Another variation of this business casual outfit is to skip the blazer and simply wear the grey jeans with the white button up. This look maintains a professional edge while offering a more relaxed vibe. If you’re looking for more ways to style a white button up be sure to check out my post here.

Bomber Jacket + Sweater + Grey Jeans + Sneakers Outfit Idea

Classy Grey Jean Outfit Ideas for Fall

A grey and cream outfit is a timeless color combination for fall. To nail this look, pair grey jeans with a cream bomber jacket and cream Adidas Sambas for a cohesive look. Also, if you’re considering adding Adidas Sambas to your shoe rotation, check out my detailed review here.

Grey Jeans + Camel Coat Outfit Idea

Camel Coat and Grey Jean Outfit Ideas for Fall

The warmth of a camel coat paired with grey jeans is an outfit combination I love for fall. If you’re a fan of camel hues, make sure to explore my post on various camel outfits here.

Navy Jacket + Grey Jeans + Sneakers Outfit Idea

Navy Jacket and Grey Jean Outfit Ideas for Fall

A navy scarf jacket paired with grey jeans and cream Adidas Sambas makes for a stylish and functional fall outfit. Scarf jackets are an excellent choice for the cooler months, offering both warmth and a chic flair to any autumn outfit

Navy Scarf Jacket + Tee + Jeans + Ballet Flats Outfit Idea

Ballet Flats fall outfit

For a twist on this look, try your navy scarf jacket with grey jeans, complemented by brown ballet flats. Adding brown accessories and a belt ties the outfit together with a sophisticated, fall touch. Check out more chic ways to incorporate chocolate brown into your fall wardrobe here.

Leather Jacket + Tee + Gray Jeans Outfit

Leather Jacket fall outfit

Opt for a classic black and grey palette by combining grey jeans with a black leather blazer, a simple white tee, and black boots. This look is effortlessly chic and is also perfect for anything from a chic workwear to date night look and more.

Coatigan + Cashmere Sweater + Gray Jeans Outfit

Cashmere Sweater fall outfit

Layer on a cream coatigan over a cozy cashmere sweater paired with grey jeans for a luxurious fall outfit that balances comfort with style. Then, add brown ankle boots and a matching brown bag. This outfit brings warmth and elegance to your autumn wardrobe, making it a go-to for chilly days.

Black Trench Coat + Grey Jeans Outfit Idea

Black Trench Coat fall outfit

For those cooler fall days, opt for a sleek black and grey combination. Layer a black vest under a classic black trench coat paired with grey jeans for a sophisticated look. Then, complete this outfit with black boots and a black bag for a coordinated and chic seasonal style.

Black Trench Coat + Turtleneck + Grey Jeans outfit Idea

Black Trench Coat and jeans outfit

An alternative to the layered vest look is to swap in a cozy turtleneck sweater, creating a warm and snug fall outfit when paired with the grey jeans and black trench coat. This switch not only adds comfort but also brings a soft texture contrast to the sleekness of the trench and the jeans.

Cardigan + Grey Jeans + Loafers Outfit Idea

Classy Grey Jean Outfit Ideas for Fall

For a smart-casual look this fall, try grey jeans with a black cardigan and black loafers. This combination is not only effortlessly stylish, but practical, ideal for a day at the office or weekend brunches. The cardigan offers just enough warmth for a fall day, while the loafers add a polished finish.

Chunky Knit + Grey Jeans Outfit Idea

Chunky Knit + Grey Jeans Outfit Idea

A chunky white knit sweater is a classic item for fall, providing both comfort and a touch of coziness to your look. When paired with grey jeans, it creates a fresh and clean aesthetic, perfect for those cool autumn days. Then, to finish the outfit, you can opt for a pair of ankle boots for a more put-together appearance, or for a laid-back vibe, switch to Adidas Samba sneakers.

Navy and Grey Jeans Outfit Idea

Navy and Grey Jeans Outfit Idea

Navy is a natural complement to grey, and when combined in a fall outfit, the result is both classic and effortless. A navy scarf jacket worn with grey jeans offers a seamless transition into cooler weather, providing both warmth and style.

Grey Scarf Jacket + Grey Jeans | Grey Monochrome Outfit

Grey Monochrome Outfit

Also, for a more monochromatic approach to your fall outfit, you can swap the navy scarf jacket for a grey one. This look is not only timeless and chic, but can take you anywhere from workwear to date night and more.

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