How to Create The Best Content at Home: My Review of the Riki Tall Mirror

In makeup, photography, life in general, lighting is everything. I can see a big difference in makeup I’ve done on myself, when I had ideal lighting vs. not. It really is amazing to see the slight differences that would otherwise go unnoticed in dimmer lighting. That’s something that we can’t always control, unless you arm yourself with the right tools. For my friends who often get ready in the dark, working early shifts, applying their makeup before the sun and anyone else is up, you need an ally. Today on the blog I’m sharing how to create the best content at home and share my review of the Riki Tall Mirror.

How to Create The Best Content at Home

While the Riki Tall Mirror can be an investment, after using the Glamcor Fortune and Fame Mirror for try ons, I knew that the Riki Tall Mirror would be a game changer for my IGTV or Reel for beauty.

Content creators that focus on video content and Youtube videos might really find the Riki Tall Mirror beneficial as I do. With this flawless mirror, you can start creating content your target audience wants see – clear, aesthetically pleasing, and fit for all types of content creation.

RIKI TALL is a best-selling LED vanity mirror, social media favorite, and vanity goals. The ultra thin and lightweight frame takes little to no space on your vanity, helping keep it streamlined, clutter-free, and Instagram worthy.

My Honest Riki Tall Mirror Review

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I have to say and I know this is a best seller for Riki. This mirror changes everything. You need a glow, lights on! It’s so amazing. I am very pleased with my purchase and this is a vanity mirror and would most certainly recommend to a friend.

As a beauty and makeup lover myself, I see the appeal for makeup enthusiasts and influencers alike. If you often rely on a mirror to create your high quality content, this is a great option. From ensuring you’ve got the perfect look before your photos and videos to capturing high-quality photos and videos in the mirror, the Riki Tall has got you more than covered.


Other than applying makeup, looking at your outfit of the day, and double checking your look one more time on the way out of the door, the Riki Tall Mirror has a plethora of other uses. Fashion, makeup, health, wellness, and even lifestyle influencers can all benefit from the Riki Tall in the following categories:

  • IGTV


When creating content at home, the Riki Tall has five dimming stages and a round magnetic 3x magnifying mirror for close-ups, your makeup will always be fabulous. Perfect for makeup bloggers, influencers, and makeup lovers alike, the Bluetooth selfie function and magnetic phone holder allows you to take effortless photos and create or stream quality videos with the included remote control in hand.

For those of you who strive create content on a daily basis, these digital benefits are more beneficial than ever. Not to mention, they can greatly improve your overall productivity throughout the day.

RIKI TALL is sleek, modern, and as glamorous as vanity mirrors get. No matter where in your home you decide to keep your mirror, it will only elevate the space even more. Not only will you want to take flawless selfies with it, but I promise you’ll want to show it off! The acrylic stand makes it easy to move and I love that the cord is a great length!

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How to Clean the Riki Tall Mirror

To keep your Riki Tall in perfect condition and increase it’s longevity, be sure to clean and care for it properly. Keeping up with your mirror maintenance will also help ensure your content is always top-notch. No streaking, smudging, or fingerprints to get in your way of getting the perfect shot.

To clean your mirror, you’ll need Windex or mirror cleaner and a clean microfiber cloth. Instead of spraying the cleaning solution directly on the mirror, simply spray some into the towel and wipe your mirror down using circular motions. Spraying directly onto the mirror could cause electrical damage, and using circular motions is the best way to avoid streaking.

For more on how to properly clean your Riki Mirror, or any other Riki Products for that matter, click here!

Tell me about your experience with the Riki Mirror.

Have you recently invested in the Riki Mirror? Tell me all about it and if you feel like it’s worth the hype. If you’re a huge fan of a different mirror, or another beauty product you’re just dying to talk about, drop all those details below as well. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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