Jewel Tone Wedding Guest (for every season)

Jewel Tones are luxurious hues inspired by the rich colors of gemstones, such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and the list goes on. Historically, these jewel tones symbolized wealth and power. Nowadays, wearing these tones instantly give a regal and sophisticated feel to any outfit. In general, a jewel tone is very bold, and can add a touch of elegance to any occasion. Because of this, they are a popular option for weddings. They are easy they are to mix and match with other colors, and pair well with elegant accessories, particularly gold and silver. Today, I’m sharing a round up of jewel tone wedding guest outfits for each season, and how to accessorize your looks.

Jewel Tone Wedding Guest (for every season)

What Are Jewel Tones

Jewel tone colors are richly saturated colors deriving from gems such as: sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow, and emerald green. In general, a jewel tone is very bold, and it symbolizes the color associated with the gemstone.

What are jewel tones

Sapphire Blue

Sapphire blue is a rich hue, reminiscent of royalty. It’s a deep, gorgeous color that exemplifies cool, calm energy. Wear sapphire blue for a spring or winter wedding. Since it’s a cool color, style it with silver accessories to complete your look.

Ruby Red

Ruby red is a bold color that is commonly known for exuding power and passion. If you’re looking to wear a color that will make you feel confident, go for a ruby red dress. Commonly worn in the winter, ruby red is great for the holidays, but can be worn year round.

Amethyst Purple

If you’re looking to feel opulent and sophisticated, purple is a great choice. It’s commonly known as the color of royalty. Wear an amethyst purple dress year round, for a regal look. Try a bold look, and pair an amethyst purple dress with citrine yellow or gold accessories.

Citrine Yellow

Yellow is commonly known as a hopeful and happy color, making it the perfect color for a wedding guest dress. Wear citrine yellow for a summer or fall wedding and style it with simple silver, black, or white accessories. For a bold look, try wearing citrine yellow with its complement color, purple. Add a muted purple bag or heels.

Emerald Green

Emerald green is a classic jewel toned color, and one of the most popular. It signifies new growth and new beginnings. Try wearing this classic jewel tone for a spring or winter wedding. This shade is common in these seasons, but you can wear it year round. Pair your emerald green look with other earthy colors such as ivory, shades of brown, and tan.

Jewel Tone Outfits

Sapphire Blue Wedding Guest Dresses

If you’re looking for a rich, bold color that looks good on everyone, try sapphire blue. This elegant color is perfect for winter and fall weddings, because of its deep shade, but would look great worn year round. Style your sapphire blue wedding guest dress with blacks, whites, and shades of gray and silver. Additionally, try wearing silver accessories to elevate your look.

Ruby Red Wedding Guest Dresses

Jewel Tone Wedding Guest dresses

Ruby red is not only a luxurious and gorgeous color, but it symbolizes strength and power as well, making it the perfect wedding guest dress if you want to feel confident and bold. There are many different shades of ruby red, from lighter, almost pink, to a deep burgundy color. Any of these would be a stunning option for a wedding guest dress. Style your look with simple gold or silver accessories and matching heels. Ruby red is especially popular for winter weddings, but you could wear this look year round.

Amethyst Purple Outfits

Jewel Tone Wedding Guest Amethyst Purple

Amethyst purple is a color that gives off royal and regal energy. JAamethyst purple can be worn in a variety of shades, depending on the season. For instance, try going for a darker and richer purple look for a winter or fall wedding. Then, for spring or summer, go with a lighter shade, or even a patterned purple design for a more springtime feel. Style your dress with heels in a matching shade of purple to complete the look.

Citrine Yellow Outfits

If you’re looking for a bold and cheerful wedding guest dress idea, try wearing citrine yellow. This look would be perfect for a fall wedding. For a more autumn look, try wearing a velvet yellow dress with natural toned accessories, such as browns, tans, and muted purples.

Emerald Green Outfits

Emerald green is a perfect color for winter and fall weddings. Style your emerald green outfit with similar earthy tones, such as tan, ivory, and shades of brown and grays. This will ensure that your look stays elegant and classic.

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