Gift Guide: Self Care Gifts under $40

As we all are so busy during the holiday season, taking care of yourself is so important and the perfect gift. Today, I wanted to share my favorite Gift Guide: Self Care Gifts under $40. These self care gifts under $40 are the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for your mother, mother in law or even to treat yourself during the holiday stresses.

Gift Guide: Self Care Gifts under $40

Gift Guide: Self Care Gifts under $40
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Best Selling Self Care Gifts

vanity planet cleansing brush

Vanity Planet

Electronic Facial Cleansing Brush

I am obsessed with Vanity Planet all together but this is by far one of my favorite tools from there. It is an electronic face scrub brush, it is gentle enough to use everyday and my face always feel so soft after!

self care candle

Free People

Self Care Candle

Free People is a great one stop shop for the trendy girl in your life. From clothes to self care I love shopping for majority of my gifts here for my girlfriends! This candle is so cute and unique and come in two different scents!

slip pillow case, self care gifts


Slip Pillow Case

Anthropologie is another one of my favorite one stop shops! I typically look to Anthro for home decor and accessories for my family members. This slip pillow case is a huge game changer in the sleep game! Silk pillow cases help with wrinkles, frizzy hair, and acne all while you’re sleeping!

lululemon no shower kit


Lululemon No Shower Kit

Not many people realize just how good Lululemon’s self care lines are! They’re honestly just as good as their athletic wear! I love this $28 “no shower” kit. It contains a cleansing spray along with a towel with silver in it for anti bacteria. This is great for you fit friend who squeezes in a quick workout while on the go!

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self care planner


Self Care Planner

Nordstrom is a great hub for beauty gifts! Their beauty section is extensive and their return/exchange policy is great too! I love the idea of this self care planner because if you’re like me then self care typically slips your mind until it is too late. This way it is scheduled out and always something to look forward to!

More Self Care Gifts Under $40 Ideas:

self care gifts under $40

Scented Bundle $16: nothing is better than a relaxing scent in your home. It not only calms but also helps with stresses. It’s the perfect thoughtful gift or would be perfect on top of a gift or paired with a gift card.

Wellness Journal $18 This year has been stressful. And I think we all need a little more help going into 2021 with self care on our mind. This wellness journal is the perfect start.

Yoga Blanket $48. For the yoga lovers, this is the perfect gift for her or him.

Diffuser: This ceramic diffuser and such a thought gift and its so cute for $9

Skin Gym Ice Roller: $32. This is on my list. Nothing feels better after a long day or to wake up in the morning with coolness of an ice roller. Help with inflammation. This Amethyst roller is amazing too!

Lapcos Exfoliating Mask Set: This mask set is the perfect stocking stuffer for her or your mother! $22

Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Luxe Hydration Trio: whether a bath soak or scrub. this set will is the perfect realization at the end of the day.

VitaJuwel ViA Love Gem Water Bottle: as sleek and healthy as it comes in this water bottle!

Heated Pillow: Aches or pains this velvet heated pillow is such an amazing option for you! $30

Heated Water Container: Love the packaging on this heated water container. $38

French Girl Body Silk: During winter months this hydrating lotion is perfect and $28.

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Whether treating yourself or another all of these items make you feel so good during stressful times. It’s so important to give yourself grace during the holidays and spend a little quality time focusing on yourself. I hope you enjoyed these! Be sure to check out my other gift guides here!

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