10 Skims Dupes

Skims is incredibly popular for their amazing shapewear, lounge, and everyday pieces. I discovered the brand while searching for high quality, comfortable bodysuits and dresses. Founded by Kim Kardashian Emma Grede, and Jens Grede, Skims quickly caught my eye with its inclusive sizing and stylish, functional pieces. I was so impressed by their amazing collection of bodysuits, dresses, and more. However, the price tag on these items can be quite steep. So, that’s why today, I’m excited to share a round up of Skims dupes that offer the same chic style at a much more affordable price!

10 Best Skims Dupes

Best Skims Dupes

What Are Skims 

I’m so excited to share some chic Skims dupes today. These are some amazing alternatives to the best selling Skims favorites like the slip dress, jersey tee, bodysuits, and more. You can get the same stylish look while staying on a budget!

Skims Tees are some of my absolute favorite for styling. Whether it’s the long sleeve or the short sleeve boyfriend tee, they are both so comfortable and you can see how I style them below! However, they are a bit pricy at $46 for the short sleeve and $52 for the long sleeve. But don’t worry, I’ve found some great options for lower. This tee from Amazon is a great alternative to the short sleeve at only $19.99. And I’m loving this one for a long sleeve option at only $28. Overall, these are both great options if you are looking to save.

Best Skims Alternatives

All of the dupes will be featured on the left and the original Skims items will be on the right below!

long slip dress

A fan favorite from Skims is the long slip dress. The Original Skims long slip dress is featured on the right below. It costs $80 originally and comes in many colors. It’s also known for being super flattering on any body type. However, I found a dress dupe on amazon for only $29, which also comes in a variety of colors as well. Customer reviews say the ribbing, length, style, and shape are super similar to the Skims dress. It’s also very comfy and soft to the touch. Overall, it’s a great dupe option for less.

cotton jersey tee

The Skims cotton jersey tee is an iconic Skims piece. It’s made of stretchy, lightweight cotton that enhances your curves with its body hugging fit. The original tee costs a hefty price of $48. However, I found an amazing dupe tee on amazon for $14.99, and it comes in many different colors. It’s comfy and has a very similar fit to the Skims tee. However, some customers noted that it isn’t as thick. This Amazon find is a great budget friendly alternative if you’re looking for a comfy and chic tee!

high neck bodysuit

Skims is overall best known for their shapewear and bodysuits, and the Original High Neck Skims bodysuit is a classic piece. It’s a great base layer you can wear under your clothes or even with jeans as a shirt. However, the original one costs a hefty $60 on the Skims site. I found a great, more affordable alternative high neck bodysuit dupe on Amazon for only $24.99, and it comes in various colors. It has really breathable, soft, double lined fabric. This Amazon option also hugs the body and fits well, just like Skims, making it a great affordable choice!

square neck tank bodysuit

The Skims square neck skims bodysuit is similar to the high neck bodysuit but features a chic square neck. It’s another very popular Skims piece, priced at $60. I found an amazing second skin square neck bodysuit dupe on Quince for only $29. It has the same square neck and a thong back, just like the Skims original. It’s also super breathable and comes in neutral skin colors. Overall, it’s a great dupe option that’s good quality for less.

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mid thigh shorts

The Skims Original Skims Mid thigh short are $38 and are known for their strong compression and sculpting. These are really popular because they are so smoothing. But I found the perfect thigh shorts dupe for only $14.48 on Amazon. These shorts are perfect under dresses and skirts and come in all shades, with a seamless fit!

scoop bralette

The Skims scoop bralette is their most popular bralette, priced at $34 on the Skims site. It has a natural, seamless lift and comes in multiple shades, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. I found the perfect bralette dupe alternative on Amazon for only $19.99. This dupe also provides a natural lift without padding and comes in various colors. It’s a comfortable and affordable option that mimics the fit and feel of the Skims original.

Long sleeve Crewneck Dress

The Skims soft lounge long sleeve dress is originally $90 on their site. But I found an amazing alternative long sleeve lounge dress that’s really popular for $34.99. It’s a fantastic price and has excellent customer reviews. The dress is breathable, super flattering, and great quality, making it a perfect option. It also comes in various colors and fits just as well as the Skims version, giving comfort and style for a fraction of the price.

Cotton rib tank

The skims cotton rib tank is their classic tank, perfect for an all day flattering fit, and it costs $38 originally. I found a great skims cotton rib tank dupe for $14.99 that is really soft and of great quality. This dupe comes in multiple colors and has the same ribbed texture as the Skims version. It’s durable and comfortable, making it a fantastic option if you want a classic, great fitting tank at a more affordable price.

skims cotton rib boxer

The skims cotton rib boxer shorts are a classic, known for their comfortable fit, with the original priced at $36. I found a skims boxer dupe for $16.99 that even comes with a chic cropped tank. This set comes in various neutral colors and is super soft and not see through. It’s a stylish and affordable alternative to the Skims boxers.

seamless sculpt thong bodysuit

The Skims Seamless sculpt skims bodysuit is another really popular piece, priced at $70. It’s known for its excellent shaping and seamless design, making it a favorite for wearing under clothes. I found an amazing Amazon dupe for $37 that comes in all the natural colors, providing the same versatility. This alternative is not only soft and breathable but also offers great support and comfort throughout the day. With its similar fit and quality, this dupe is a fantastic, affordable option for those looking to achieve the same sculpted look without the higher price tag.

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The Best Skims Dupes

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