Summer Nail Polish Trends

Getting unique with nails from the comfort of you couch is not what I expected in 2020, but with the stay at home orders extending skipping the nail salon and staying safe is the way to go. It’s time to get creative and have fun with the nail trends for summer. It doesn’t have to be a major commitment.

If follow me on Pinterest, you know that I love discovering new trends and getting inspired by summer days. I like to keep my summer nails color classic but with a modern twist like my clothing style usually sticking to neutrals in my paint color.

Whether it’s embracing stylish shapes, daring designs, ultra bright colors in your nails polish; I encourage you to have FUN with the summer 2020 nails trends. When making my online selects I usually shop at Sephora, Target, Nordstrom, or Amazon. In my amazon shop, I have all my items for at the at home manicure. If you are looking for a fun activity with your girls, these sets are adorable!

Keep reading to discover how to elevate your signature style as well this seasons most on-trend summer nail designs.

summer nail polish trends

1. White

While summer offers plenty of opportunities experiment with color one of the biggest summer nails trends is a simple look. For summer 2020 this white nail polish is such a classic nail color to match perfectly to that sun kissed skin tone. And always the designs below would be just as beautiful with a soft pink or muted gray or beige nail color for summer days.

Summer Nail Polish Trends
image via pinterst
Summer Nail Polish Trends
image via pinterest

2. Minimal Metallic Nails

Falling head over heels for this metallic trend. A swipe of metallic is on the rise in nail art. Adding it a neutral nail bed or white nail is understated and sophisticated.

Summer Nail Polish Trends

3. Negative Space Nails

Here is another easy application for at home. How to: Apply a piece of tape–any type of tape will do, as long as it’s not super sticky–diagonally across your nail.

Summer Nail Polish Trends
image via pinterst

4. Multicolor Pastel

nothing says spring and summer days like pastel. here is a fun way to incorporate your hint of color with the negative space

Multicolor Pastel nails
image via pinterest

4. Ombre Nails

These ombre nails are in the neutral nail polish tones. This technique is a great one to do at home with any summer nail color. This color combo is such a soft nail polish palette in the nudes and roses.

Ombre Nails

5. Earth Tone Nails

A Desert tone nail polish will take you from dawn to dusk, in the sand or city. Here is my favorite NUDE color. The floral nail design is a great way to mix neutrals and the summer nail trend. If you are looking for nail art or sticker. a new trend is also pressed flowers. you can shop them here.

Colorful French
image via pinterst

6. Colorful French

French nail designs represent some of the most classy nail artstyles. The Manicure has become one of popular nail styles among fashionable. This pink is my favorite on trend nail color. Top it with a matte top coat to create this look.

image via pinterest

7. Black and White Nail Design

A black and white nails are classic, elegant and look good all year long. Here I’m showing a modern twist to the these nail colors. If you are looking for longer lasting, these shades are the best for summer 2020.

Black and White Nail Design
BLACK & WHITE NAIL TRENDS Images via Pinterest

8. just be yourself

be bold, be you and most importantly, just have FUN!

nail art
image via Pinterest

As always, I enjoy collecting and sharing all of the summer nail trends with you. Nail polish and design is such a great way to express yourself whether its jet black and edgy, pink and feminine, classic, white or the nude nail.

With the trends I listed above you can be bold or soft with any of them. Just change up the color! Hoping soon we can all get back into the nail salon and get pampered with the with the perfect summer color of 2020. For now, drop a comment on your favorite nail trend. I’d love to hear.

xo, Amanda



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