Vintner’s Daughter Review

Vitner’s Daughter, founded by winery owner April Gargiulo, is a skincare brand born out of her dissatisfaction with conventional skincare routines. She wanted to create products that were not only sustainable and made from good ingredients, but would simplify people’s daily skincare practice. So, drawing inspiration from her wine industry background, April created a serum using only the finest natural, top-quality ingredients. She first released the Active Botanical Serum, but now there are two other products with similar reputations. However, with prices ranging from $98 to $225, the question that often arises is whether these premium products are truly worth the investment. So, today, I’ll provide an honest review of Vintner’s Daughter, sharing my insights on whether this high-end skincare line lives up to its reputation.

Vintner's Daughter Review

Vintner’s Daughter Review

Over the past couple of months, I’ve incorporated these products into my daily routine, and the transformation in my skin has been remarkable. Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Botanical Serum may have grabbed the internet’s attention as the holy grail of face oils, but their other products are equally impressive. So, let’s delve into each one and uncover what they are truly about.

Active Renewal Cleanser

Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Renewal Cleanser may be the newest addition to their product line, but it’s already gained quite a positive reputation. Just like all of Vitner’s Daughter‘s offerings, this cleanser is formulated with gentle yet highly effective plant ingredients. After using it consistently for a couple of months, I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin’s hydration and radiance.

But, what sets this cleanser apart for me is its combination of oil- and water-soluble ingredients, which perform like a double cleanse in a single step. It removes not only makeup, but sweat, sunscreen, dirt, and oil, without stripping the skin. Because of this, it’s become the essential first step in my daily skincare routine.

Active Renewal Cleanser
Active Treatment Essence

Active Treatment Essence

Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Treatment Essence has taken its place as a crucial second step in my skincare routine. What sets it apart is the innovative use of “Phyto Ferment,” a two-week fermentation process that not only produces beneficial probiotics but also enhances nutrient absorption.

And, the bottle is packed with ingredients that are great for your skin, including stabilized vitamin C, B vitamins, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, plant stem cells, and a variety of superfoods. I personally love how it seamlessly works together with the Vintner’s Daughter serum to revolutionize my skin! So far, I’ve seen clear, more plump and nourished skin.

Active Botanical Serum

Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Botanical Serum has become a cult favorite. And I can see why. It’s known for its ability to visibly reduces wrinkles, plump up skin, add a radiant glow, and even combat acne. However, what initially struck me was the intense craftsmanship behind it, with 22 essential oils sourced from farms worldwide and an extraction process that retains maximum nutrients.

Personally, I’ve found this product to be my holy grail in my skincare routine. It has not only left my skin positively glowing and feeling plump, but it’s even reduced my acne and made my skin feel more smooth and even. So, in my opinion, if you’re looking for a serum with a whole array of benefits to add to your routine, this is the perfect one.

Active Botanical Serum

Vitner’s Daughter Skincare Routine

1: Active Renewal Cleanser

  • First, begin your routine with the Active Renewal Cleanser. This 2-in-1 cleanser removes sweat, sunscreen, dirt, oil, and makeup.
  • Apply a small amount of the cleanser to your dry face.
  • Gently massage it in, allowing it to break down impurities and makeup.
  • Finally, rinse with warm water or with a damp cloth.

2: Active Treatment Essence

  • After cleansing, follow up with the Active Treatment Essence.
  • This essence hydrates and brightens the skin, acting as 8 products in a single step.
  • Apply a few drops of the essence to your clean skin, patting it in gently until absorbed.
  • This step preps your skin to better absorb the Serum.

3: Active Botanical Serum

  • The final step in your routine is the iconic Active Botanical Serum.
  • This serum is known for its skincare benefits, including firming, brightening, and hydrating the skin.
  • Apply a few drops of the serum to your face and neck, gently pressing it into your skin.
  • Then, allow it to work its magic, nourishing your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vintner’s daughter serum worth it?

In my opinion, Vintner’s Daughter serum is absolutely worth it. If you’re seeking a skincare product made from natural ingredients that can simplify your routine while delivering plump, glowing skin, this serum is a great choice.

What is comparable to Vintner’s daughter?

While there aren’t direct comparisons to Vintner’s Daughter due to its unique formulation, there are several other serums worth exploring. Some alternatives I’ve personally found effective include Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate, The Ordinary’s Multi-Peptide + HA Serum, and Paula’s Choice Booster Oil. Each of these products has its own unique set of benefits and ingredients, so it’s worth experimenting to find the one that best suits your skin’s needs. This moisturizer by Kiehl’s is another one of my favorite products worth checking out if you are looking for a new moisturizer.

What are the ingredients in Vintner’s daughter?

Vintner’s Daughter offers a range of skincare products, and each one has its unique formulation. Depending on the product, you’ll find a blend of natural botanical oils and extracts, vitamins, and other high-quality ingredients.

What was Vintner’s daughter’s first product?

Vintner’s Daughter’s first product was the Active Botanical Serum. This serum quickly gained popularity and became a cult favorite in the skincare industry.

What celebrities use Vintner’s daughter?

Vintner’s Daughter has definitely garnered a celebrity following with fans like Gwyneth Paltrow, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Olivia Wilde openly endorsing and using their products.

How often do you use Vintner’s daughter?

How often you use Vintner’s Daughter products depends on your skincare routine and needs. For example, the Active Botanical Serum is usually used once a day, either in the morning or evening, or even both. The same goes for the Active Treatment Essence. Just be sure to follow the brand’s guidelines and adjust as needed based on how your skin reacts. Using too much of these potent products can sometimes cause irritation, so it’s important to use them in moderation for the best results. Some experts recomend practicing Skin Cycling, especially when starting new products.

Where to Buy Vintner’s Daughter

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Honest Vintner's Daughter Review

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