Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

With beach weddings gaining popularity, having the perfect outfit to complement the setting is a must. Embracing the chic vibes of a seaside celebration, there’s a diverse range of options from flirty mini dresses to flowy maxi styles and more, something for everyone’s taste. So, today, I’m excited to share some of my favorite beach wedding guest dresses. Hopefully these dresses will inspire your beach wedding guest wardrobe, or will simply help you to find some beach vacation dress options for your next trip!

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Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

Wave Mini Dress | Black Knit Dress | Orange Silk Dress | Pink Maxi Dress | Pleated Ombre Gown | Puff Sleeved Mini Dress | Yellow Mini Dress | Pink and Yellow Dress | Wave Maxi Dress | Leaf Mini Dress

Tips for Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

Consider the Location:

Take into account the specific beach setting. For example, some may be more formal, while others are more relaxed. This will help you gauge the appropriate level of dressiness.

Opt for Light Fabrics:

Given the often warm and sunny beach atmosphere, lightweight and breathable fabrics like chiffon, cotton, and linen are ideal choices. For my recent Miami Beach trip I made sure to bring a variety of breathable options to keep me comfortable. However, if you are going something that can get chilly, make sure to bring layers.

Footwear Matters:

Heels may sink into the sand, so wedges, block heels, or even stylish sandals are more practical options. For a super casual beach wedding, chic flats can work too.

Mind the Length:

Shorter dresses or maxi dresses can work well, but make sure the length is manageable for the beach environment, especially if there’s sand involved.

Embrace Color and Patterns:

Beach weddings are perfect for vibrant and fun colors, as well as tropical or floral patterns. Just be sure to match the environment. If you’re going somewhere tropical like Tulum or Costa Rica it would make sense to wear something more tropical to match the environment. However, if you’re going to a European beach wedding it may be a good idea to wear more neutrals or muted colors.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize:

Accessorizing are an important part of any outfit. It’s best to keep it classy and minimal for any wedding, especially if you are wearing bright colors. But adding chic, timeless jewelry is a must. Also, accessorizing can be for not only looks, but also for function. If the wedding is during the day it may be a good idea to wear a beach hat or sunglasses.

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Sharing some of my favorite beach wedding guest dresses to inspire your wardrobe.

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