29 Best Amazon Designer Dupes

If you are following me on Instagram, I hope you’re loving my weekly Amazon finds! I’ve always been inspired by editorial and at the beginning that usually meant expensive. While some items are definitely worth the splurge; sometimes a good amazon dupe with a great price tag can make you just as happy especially since these are trendy pieces. And now, I’m showing your 29 best Amazon designer dupes without the hefty price tag.

There is a difference between a dupe and a counterfeit. A dupe has similar qualities to a designer item but does not copy logos or trademark features. However, if it looks exactly like the designer version — it’s probably counterfeit and illegal.

Below I’m going to show you some great designer dupes on Amazon that are the real deal. Whether you have had your eye on the Gucci belt, David Yurman ring, or Louis Vuitton bag, I’m going to show you some great accessories that can elevate your look. Today, I’ll be covering Sunglasses, Bags, Jewelry, Belts, and Shoes. These are easily found in my Amazon Shop as well.

29 Best Amazon Designer Dupes

How To Find Luxury Designer Dupes:

When it comes to finding designer dupes on Amazon, it’s important to be critical.

In order to find quality dupes, you’ll want to look for things like stitching, color and fade, zippers and how they are placed, the placement of logos, and other details that are specific to each brand. You can also use the search bar by typing in the name of the designer and “dupe” in quotations which should bring up some results.

One great example of a luxury designer dupe that is easy to find is Bottega Veneta. You can find dupes at a fraction of the price of a real bag while still getting exactly what you’re looking for. Even more, their bags are made from leather so they will last longer than any other type of material.

You can find plenty of great designer-inspired items on Amazon at a fraction of the price—and some of them are so good (and so cheap) that I’d swear they were straight from an actual designer’s studio.

Let’s start with sunnies. I’ve always been in love with Celine sunglasses. Nothing is more chic and street style than these. I’m a huge fan of Fashion Guitar and she wears these all over the streets of New York. However, they are very hard to find. About a year ago I found these on Amazon and wow, they are MY favorite. I actually just had someone begging me to sell my Celines to her (ha). This amazon dupe is the real deal. If you’re looking for a skinnier version, this is my pick.

Amazon Designer Sunglasses Dupes

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best of shopbop / amazon accessories
FEISEDY Vintage Square Cat Eye Sunglasses
krewe sunglasses
SOJOS Fashion Round Sunglasses
slip dresses
WearMe Pro – Polarized Round Vintage Retro Mirrored Lens

Krewe sunglasses have been on the market for about 5 years and they are another one of my favorites. I found a few dupes in their styles as well.

celine dupes / amazon sunglasses
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Krewe Collins Dupe / Krewe Collins Dupe (Black & Tortoise) / WearMe Pro – Polarized Round Vintage Retro Mirrored Lens / Karen Walker Dupe Fendi Pearl Dupe / Celine Square Dupe / Celine Cat Eye Skinny Dupe / Celine Cat Eye Dupe


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Amazon Designer Bag Dupes

My favorite amazon designer dupe is not the Louis Vuitton, but the Bottega Veneta pouch. It’s under $40 and comes in so many colors, two sizes, and variations.

amazon designer dupe / amazon fashion
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Another favorite is the Gucci dupe belt bag. It’s the perfect piece to travel with or dress up for a date night.


amazon designer dupe / amazon fashion


amazon designer dupe / amazon fashion
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Cult Gia is everywhere for summer and these bamboo bags are such a great amazon dupe for summer! Add a scarf or keep it simple.



Amazon Designer Jewelry Dupes

amazon designer dupe / amazon fashion
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Below are some great amazon dupes. I have the Cartier one and it’s the real deal. I’ve also listed some David Yurman and great Gucci dupes below.

Amazon Designer Hair Accessories and Belts

amazon designer dupe / amazon fashion

If you love this look, make sure you check out my post on How to Style Monochrome

amazon designer dupe / amazon fashion

The headband trend is huge and I’m loving the felinity of the Lele dupes that have a price tag of $150+. And if you want to add a gucci dupe these are the perfect accessory as well! Also, I know most people are after the gucci belt, but let’s be different so I’m showing the Ferragamo dupe. It’s classic and this dupe is the real deal.


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Amazon Designer Shoe Dupes

Hermes dupes to Valentino Rockstuds dupes are the real deal. Check out my picks below.


As always, I hope you find the 29 amazon designer dupes helpful and give some more affordable fashion to you! I’m always sharing my looks on Instagram and getting inspired on Pinterest so I’d love for you to follow me there.

xo, Amanda

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