DIY Tie Dye Baby Gift

Recently, tiedye has made its way back into the fashion world. Tiedye that is trending today is simpler and more minimal than versions of the pattern we saw in the late ’60s and early ’70s, which packed more color into one garment than we typically do today.

In the recent weeks, I was excited to find out my friend was having a baby boy and while interested in testing the tie dye trend for a while now. I had the perfect excuse to try the DYI METHOD. And a baby in tie-dye, it can’t get any cuter. Today, I’m going to show you a simple and EASY way to do this at home. Nothing is better than a personalized gift. So I thought the DIY tie-dye set of essentials for a baby shower gift was the perfect idea.



DIY Tie Dye Baby Gift

Above is the finished out come and I was so happy with the results. The onesies with the socks in the indigo tie-dye is the CUTEST. Burp cloths are an essential so I decided to do one as well. A blanket or swaddle would be the perfect baby gift set as well. And you know I like my white button up so this one turned out so stylish for her little man.

DIY Tie Dye Baby Gift

the process

I was actually shocked at how easy the process was. The kit comes with the rubber bands and a manual with the tie-dye techniques. It’s so easy to follow along or play with your own way. An original and unique style will always stand out.

After applying the technique, you simply put it in a bucket of water and soak for 10 min. Then ring out the excess water put on your gloves and get to work. We did two pieces at once; one in each hand for 5 min. The indigo starts green at first. Keep it soaking in the dye for 5 minutes then lay it out. If you want a darker method, you can dip it twice. I wanted something softer for the baby so I just did once.

After letting it rest for 30 minutes. We took the rubber bands and clips off to see. Below I’ve shown you a few tie-dye techniques.

DIY Tie Dye Baby Gift
DIY Tie Dye Baby Gift

I am so excited to try other clothing pieces such as a tie-dye sweatshirt or tees for the the whole family. I’m thinking a tie-dye tee during our family get together over the 4th would be so fun! I love you can get all these pieces on Amazon!

I was very happy with how it turned out and thought the process would be fun to share with you. My feed may be street style, but I love creating in so many ways so always make sure your catching my stories it’s where I show most of my other creative hobbies. From party inspiration for my kids birthdays or a great tablescape .

My next project though is to try it on some home decor.

While spending more time at home I think it will be a fun way to spruce up some home decor. Stay tuned…

As always, please comment if you have any questions or you enjoyed this post. Off to a little date night with my hubby. have a fabulous weekend.

best, Amanda

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  1. 5.29.20
    Jennifer said:

    They all came out so great! My favorite is the burp clothes 🙂


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