Vintage Wedding Reception

I recently had the honor to create a tablescape for a wedding reception for Mahogany Prime Steakhouse in downtown, Oklahoma City. When searching for my inspiration I always go to my favorite floral shop. New Leaf florist is located in Oklahoma City and I always leave there with a fresh state of mind and usually a handful of fresh flowers. My first step in I was blown away by the muted and subdued tones of the flower stems. Immediately falling in love, I knew this wedding needed to be shabby chic with a touch of vintage elegance for the bride’s special day.

Vintage Wedding Reception

Bridal Cone

Vintage Wedding Reception

The game plan was to start with the bride’s floral arrangement, in order to set the tone for the remaining of the reception table. Floral cones is a unique and subtle way to save money on floral vases. Placing the floral arrangements in cones give the flowers the ability to be placed in guest’s drinking glasses. The cone shape ensures the guest that the flowers are theirs to take home so they are not wasted at the end of the evening.

Rose Center Pieces

Rose Center Pieces

These rose center pieces were matching with the wedding cake in order to pull all the wedding decor together. To produce a chic wedding the main focal points such as the wedding cake, guest book, and wedding invitations need to coordinate together.

Traveling Arrangements

Vintage wedding decor

By adding the same roses from the center pieces on the tables around the event creates cohesive wedding decor. Placing floral arrangements throughout the venue is a great way to wow the guests no matter where they go. The color of the roses in addition with the colors of the velvet couch creates an elevated look with minimal effort.

Acrylic Stems

Acrylic stems for the poppies

Acrylic stems for the poppies, is so elegant and allows for the perfect airy statement pieces. These subtle pieces do not take away from guests conversing while at dinner. The small and subtle poppies are enough for the guest to admire but keeps the main focus on socializing. The acrylic stems are not a very common decorating tactic. This makes them a unique statement piece that wedding guests will continue to compliment and talk about.

Vintage Tablescape

Vintage Wedding Tablescape

Vintage style is no longer considered to be vintage but a trendy statement. The minimalistic elegance of color and bulk flower arrangements keeps the focus on the real events of the wedding. AKA you! Vintage style wedding decor is absolutely beautiful and creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. This style of decor has always been one of my favorites! Due to the fact of how elegant it makes a wedding while keeping the focus on the bride and groom on their special day.

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