Best At Home Manicure System

While the salon experience can be fun and relaxing, there are moments when we prefer the comfort of our own home, whether it’s to save some money or to try our own DIY manicures. From the durability of gel to the classic chicness of regular polishes. However, venturing into at home manicures is not just about choosing a color. It’s about the entire preparation process, which includes cuticle care, shaping nails, and the challenge of removing old polish. The good news is, many beauty brands have created innovative manicure systems designed to simplify this process, making salon quality nails at home now easier than ever. So today, I’m excited to share the best manicure systems to help you do your nails at home. I’ll be sharing my pros and cons of each, and some tips to help you along the way!

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best at home manicure system

Best At Home Manicure System

What Is an At Home Manicure System?

An at home manicure system is essentially a set of tools and products that allows you to do your nails at home! But of course, each system can vary. Including different items for various types of manicures, like gel or traditional polish. They often come with items for nail shaping, cuticle care, and polish application. Some systems are designed specifically for long lasting gel manicures, while others are for simpler, traditional polishes. This means you can choose a system based on what kind of manicure you prefer.

Why You Should Use One

Using an at home manicure system can save you money since you won’t need to go to the salon as often. It’s also convenient because you can do your nails anytime you want, without needing an appointment. Plus, learning to use one can be fun and lets you get creative with your nail designs.

Best At Home Manicure System

Today, I’m going to share the best at home manicure systems with you. For each one, I’ll share a variety of different options and the pros and cons for each. This way, you can figure out which system might work best for you and your nail care routine!

Olive and June

Olive and June offer a variety of great manicure systems. You can pick a set with anywhere from 1 to 6 polishes, depending on what you need. They have options for quick drying or long lasting polishes, and even a mix of both. Each kit comes with all the essentials for a manicure or pedicure. They also have press on nail systems for a fun long-nail option at home! However, they don’t offer gel polish systems, which may be a con for some. In my opinion, Olive and June’s kits are the best all around choice for beginners.

Le Mini Macaron

Le Mini Macaron is famous for its 15-minute at home gel manicure kits. These kits come with a mini drying light and everything else you need for a gel manicure at home! You can also choose from mini sets or larger ones. The mini sets include an LED lamp, USB cord, cuticle stick, nail file, 1-step gel polish, and 10 gel remover wraps. They’re super convenient for on-the-go nail care because the lamp cures the polish in just 30 seconds. In my opinion, this is the easiest option for quick and portable manicures.

Dazzle Dry

Dazzle Dry is known for its very long lasting manicures. They offer many kits, but the starter mini kit includes several steps to achieve long lasting nails, including nail prep, base coat, top coat, ridge filler and revive top coat. Their full system kits provide all of these in full sizes, along with a nail polish. However, it’s worth noting that these kits don’t include any tools for shaping the nails. Overall, Dazzle Dry is a great choice for those seeking long lasting results.


Manicurist has an eco-friendly approach, creating products free from toxic chemicals. They’re particularly known for Green Flash, which is the first LED polish for long lasting color like gel polish but with easier removal to prevent nail damage. It’s made without 12 common toxic chemicals found in traditional polishes. Manicurist offers a traditional polish line called Green, which is also non-toxic. Additionally, they have Active Glow, a treatment polish that not only nourishes your nails but also adds a rosy pink tint. This brand stands out as the best choice for those seeking non-toxic nail care.

Dear Sundays Manicure Kit

Dear Sundays is another brand that offers non-toxic manicures. It’s polish is known for its 10-free, vegan, and cruelty-free formula. Their sets include everything you need for a perfect manicure at home. The full kit features a nail clipper, a file, a bottle of Sundays Polish Remover, cotton balls, a buffer for smoothing nails, a cuticle eraser for pushing back cuticles, a wooden stick for gel removal and cuticle care, a hydrating cuticle serum, a moisturizing base coat, a protective top coat for lasting shine, and a quick dry oil to halve drying time. This kit is definitely a great optoin for providing the most salon quality manicure experience at home.

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best at home manicure system

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