Best Selling Home Items on Amazon

Spring is the best time to start fresh and have a fresh and clean household. That’s why they call it “spring cleaning” duh! After being stuck in the house through the pandemic I am realizing my home needs some work! Some fresh new appliances, organizational tools, and a good clean out are my top priorities this season! Amazon is always my go to for new home items! They come in fast and always offer the best prices! This week I will be showing you my top Amazon home picks! If you love these Amazon products check out my Amazon shop!

Best Selling Home Items on Amazon


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Best Selling Home Items on Amazon
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Nespresso Coffee Machine | Air Fryer | Marble Utensil Holder | Strainer Set | STAUB Soup Pot | Milk Frother | Circular Organization Racks | Cook with Color Tupperware | Vegetable Chopper | Clear Toaster | Waffle and Panini Maker

My nespresso machine has saved me a fortune on coffee! Although the whole machine is an investment in the beginning it is totally worth it! If you’re not up to spending that much but still want to make coffee at home I highly suggest a milk frother! I did not realize how much frothing the milk or cream in your coffee can make a difference. My milk frother is one of my favorite gifts I have ever received! They’re so inexpensive and takes your homemade coffee game to a whole new level!

My next top two favorite Amazon kitchen buys have to be my air fryer and soup pot. These have made it to my “kitchen essentials” list, the air fryer reheats things in a minimal amount of time and brings them pretty close back to their original texture. Goodbye soggy leftovers! The soup pot is perfect for making soups and chilis in the colder months. It is such high quality the clean up is easy and minimal as well!


Best Selling Home Items on Amazon
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3 Tier Storage Rack | Razor Hooks | 3 Pack of Storage Containers | Gold | USB Wall Charger | Clear Vanity Storage Bins | Towel Warmer | Hair Tool Storage Rack | Toothpaste Dispenser | Water Resistant Storage Labels

If I had to pick one thing that I think everyone needs in their life it would have to be the USB wall charger. It has six plugs on top of two USB chargers! This wall charger takes up minimal space while and does not force you to choose what bathroom device to sacrifice. It simply has a plug for them all! A luxury item I am dying to get is the towel warmer. You toss your dry towel in there before you hop in the shower and it is nice and toasty warm for you when you get out!

In addition to the wall charger, the tooth past dispenser is a great Amazon find! It sticks easily on the wall so it saves so much space! It is so small but contains so much storage. There are two washable cups attached at the bottom by the hanging toothbrushes along with a small compartment drawer. I use this drawer to hold ponytail holders and safety pins because those small essentials always have a habit of disappearing. On top of the dispenser next to where you put your toothpaste there is a flat surface that provides storage for small everyday items such as your facial moisturizer.


Best Selling Home Items on Amazon - bedroom
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Gray Tassel Throw Pillows | Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket | Digital Alarm Clock | Cooling Gel Pillows | Ceramic Oil Diffuser | Wireless Charging Station | Microfiber Bed Sheets | Marble Bedside Lamp | Set of Bedside Tables

Amazon is a one stop shop for all home decor! I am forever bragging about my Barefoot Dreams throw blanket and I always receive so many compliments on it when I’m entertaining. This throw is definitely worth it, it is crazy soft and is so easy to wash. It looks gorgeous on a couch or on a bed and can be washed and dried in the washer and dryer. Which in my book is a major plus, I’ll take anything that makes laundry easier! I’m also totally obsessing over this cute oil diffuser. I like how it looks like actual decor instead of a plain and funky shaped diffuser. It easily blends in while providing a great aroma throughout the house.

I included some additional bed items such as the micro fiber sheets, throw pillows, and gel pillows! One thing that helps me feel more put together in the morning is making my bed first thing. And cute throw pillows help me stick to this goal because how could I not want to show them off? Recently I found out about these pillows called “gel pillows”. These pillows are best seller on Amazon and I can tell you why! They stay cool through the whole entire night and come in so many comfort levels such as gel, feather, and memory foam so whatever you prefer you’re able to get that while having a cool pillow all night long!

Living Room

living room essentials amazon
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Pampas Stems | Roomba | Cream Sofa | Yves Coffee Table Book | Cream Armchair | Faux Fur Throw Blanket | Gold Circle Mirror | Dyson Vacuum Cleaner | Pampas Stem and Vase Combo

My living room is one of my favorite places in my house. I love having all the kids in their playing or coloring while I’m cooking dinner or relaxing with a glass of wine. Therefore, I always love to fill it with the best home items possible! I’m currently loving faux fur throws and vases filled with pampas stems! They add such a cozy and chic atmosphere to any room. Both the blanket and pampas stems have such a great price point it took all of my self control not to buy them for every room of the house! My current decor obsession is coffee table books. Will I ever get around to actually reading them? Maybe one day but for now they look super cute sitting on my coffee table! Amazon has so many great options to fit anyone’s interests!

If you hate vacuuming like me then you need at least one of the vacuums linked here! My Dyson vacuum cleaner is one of the best things to ever happen to my household! It is extremely lightweight and cordless! You can easily vacuum your whole house without having to plug and unplug for every room. With it being lightweight theres no more breaking a sweat lugging a huge vacuum cleaner all over the house. Why clean the house to just get dirty yourself? One of my biggest frustrations when it comes to cleaning. The Roomba is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to vacuum at all! Just press one button and its off to do the work for you. The Roomba is especially great for anyone with pets, it’s so easy to run at the end of the day to pick up all that pet hair.

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