Black and White Outfits for Fall

Fall is finally here, and it’s the perfect time to give your wardrobe a seasonal update. There’s nothing more effortlessly chic and timeless than black and white outfits. These classic colors offer endless versatility, effortlessly pairing with jeans, slip skirts, trousers, and more. Whether you’re going for a casual or more polished look, there are countless ways to style black and white pieces for the season. So, stay tuned as I share some of my favorite outfit ideas to inspire your autumn looks! Also, if you are looking for more chic fall essentials be sure to check out my Fall Capsule Wardrobe as well.

Black and White Outfits for Fall

Sharing a variety of black and white outfits to refresh your wardrobe this fall! From casual days, to workwear looks, and date night outfit ideas, there is something for every occasion.

Black and White Jeans Outfits for Fall

Black jeans are a versatile addition to any fall wardrobe, offering endless styling choices. For more black jeans outfit ideas, check out my 9 Black Jeans Outfits for Fall blog post as well.

Striped Turtleneck + Black Jeans + Sneakers Outfit

Black and White Outfits for Fall

For an everyday casual chic look, combine black jeans with classic white sneakers and a striped turtleneck tee. For sneakers, I am currently loving the Adidas Sambas. If you are considering grabbing a pair, be sure to check out my Adidas Samba Review. This versatile look is perfect for daily fall occasions, whether you’re meeting friends for lunch or picking up kids from school with style.

Cream & Black Striped Sweater + Straight Leg Jeans + Sneakers Outfit

Black and White Outfits for Fall

As the weather gets chilly this fall, a knit and jeans outfit never fails. Consider swapping your turtleneck t-shirt for a cozy striped turtleneck sweater. Pair it with classic white sneakers like the Adidas Sambas, and you’re all set for a chic and comfortable daily fall look. This look is perfect for staying warm and stylish during colder days. If you are looking for more Adidas Samba outfit ideas, be sure to check out my post here for inspiration.

White & Black Striped Half Zip + Straight Leg Jeans Outfit

White & Black Striped Half Zip

One of my favorite pieces for fall is a sleeveless half-zip sweater. It’s a fantastic layering piece that keeps you cozy without the added bulk. My personal favorite is a sleek black and white striped one, which pairs effortlessly with black jeans for a chic autumn outfit. Recreate this look with a chic blazer blazer as well.

Black and White Slip Skirt Outfits for Fall

A black slip skirt is a timeless wardrobe essential that is great all year long, but it’s especially versatile and chic in the fall. Whether you’re pairing it with cozy sweaters or classic tees, a black slip skirt effortlessly elevates your autumn fashion. Also, if you are looking for more slip skirt outfit ideas check out my Black Slip Skirts Outfits for Fall post as well.

Black Slip Skirt + Long Sleeve Tee + Samba Sneakers Outfit

Black Slip Skirt and white top

Elevating your everyday t-shirt and sneakers outfit is as simple as swapping out jeans for a chic black slip skirt. This easy change instantly elevates your look while maintaining comfort, making it a stylish choice for daily wear.

Black and White Pencil Skirt Outfit Idea

Black and White Pencil Skirt Outfit Idea

Black Slip Skirt + Cream Sweater + Black Heels Outfit

Black and White Outfits for Fall

For my go-to date night look in the fall, I love to combine a cozy cream sweater with a black slip skirt and elegant heels. To add that extra touch of edge, I simply layer on a leather jacket. Or for a more classic look, I’ll go for a long wool coat. If you’re looking for that perfect fall jacket check out my 7 Fall Jacket Trends and How to Style Them post for more inspiration.

Black Slip Skirt + Black Turtleneck Tank + White Blazer + Black Heels Outfit

White Blazer fall outfit

For a chic and versatile workwear look this fall, start with a classic black slip skirt as your base and layer on a structured white blazer paired with sleek black heels. This outfit is not only perfect for the office but can effortlessly transition from day to night, making it an ideal choice for the busy professional. Also, for a chic alternative to the slip skirt, check out my How to Style a Slip Dress for Fall for more inspiration.

Black and White Trousers Outfits for Fall

Black trousers are a timeless staple in any fall wardrobe. Whether you prefer the classic cut, wide-leg, or cropped style, they are a versatile and essential piece that can be styled in countless ways, making them a must-have for the season.

Black Trousers + Cream Sweater + Black Wool Coat Outfit

Black Wool Coat Outfit

When I’m aiming for an elegant fall look outfit, particularly for work or meetings, I always turn to black trousers paired with a cozy cream turtleneck sweater and a long black wool coat. This outfit exudes a sense of style and sophistication that’s perfect for those professional and polished occasions. For more Fall and Winter Workwear Outfits be sure to check out my post here.

Black Trousers + Cream Sweater + Black Heels Outfit

fall sweater top outfit

For a chic and timeless black trousers outfit, combine them with a classic cream sweater. Then, to complete the look, either dress it up with heels or keep it casually elegant with classic white sneakers. After that, add a well-fitted blazer or stylish jacket for extra warmth and style. This look is great for a variety of occasions this fall from a work meeting, to a lunch with friends, and more.

Cropped Black Trousers + Cream Blazer + Black Heels Outfit

cropped trousers with heels

Cropped Wool Scarf Jacket | Pinstripe Pants

I personally love cropped black trousers because they are so chic and versatile. Pairing them with black heels and a cream blazer creates a classic look that’s perfect for a sophisticated date night or a stylish day at the office this fall. If you are looking for something different than the black trouser look to add to your workwear wardrobe, check out my White Pant Workwear Outfits for Fall.

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