how to accessorize a sweater dress

When it comes to styling a classic sweater dress, picking the right accessories is key.

Having a great sweater dress is such a versatile pieces to have in your closet. Personally, I love a sleeveless one because it can be so versatile for year round. Some may think there are not many options when it comes on how to accessorize a sweater dress, but the options are endless.

When it comes to my styling, I typically stick to neutrals and textures. Just because it’s a neutral doesn’t mean that you can’t play around with texture and details.

are sweater dresses in style

Sweater dresses are timeless in the fashion world, which is why they continue to make an appearance year after year. With more modern takes on the classic silhouette popping up here and there, sweater dresses are going to be a staple this year.

Sweater dresses made of knit and crocheted fabric are making a particularly big comeback this year. When paired with the right accessories, these fabrics can be very flattering. So, I am excited to see where this trend takes us this year. Plus, knit dresses could not be more ideal for the fall and winter seasons. See more fall fashion inspiration, here.

why accessories are important

Accessories can really make or break an outfit. After all, it really is all in the details. The right fashion accessories can instantly elevate a look or even better, change up your look completely. When you’re getting tired of that same old look, a quick change of accessories can make your outfit feel brand new. And I particularly love how a quick change of accessories can turn your workwear into streetwear in no time flat. No need to pack a completely different outfit when a quick heel change and a edgy leather jacket can do the trick.

More than that, accessories are important because they really spruce up an outfit and provide a more balanced and put-together look. Adding accessories to your look is also a great way to show off your unique style, creativity, and personality. Add a pop of color here, add a luxurious element there. Really show off your style.

When it comes to sweater dresses, accessories are an inseparable part of the styling. Peep the accessories I used below for inspiration! And next time you wear a sweater dress, keep these tips for choosing accessories in mind.

how to choose accessories for sweater dresses

mix up the textures

Varying textures is a great way to breath life into an outfit and create a balanced look. Sweater dresses are soft and fuzzy in nature, so it only makes sense to pair them with other, more firm textures to create that stylish texture change. Instead of pairing your sweater dress with other soft outerwear, opt for something more along the lines of a jean jacket, a leather jacket, or even a cashmere trench coat. You can also add texture with a bag, hat, or pair of boots.

focus on your outerwear

If you have a statement jacket you’ve been dying to show off, now is the time. A neutral sweater dress like the one featured below provides the perfect opportunity to focus on making a statement with your outerwear. I’m talking leather jackets, winter coats, trench coats, and more. Whether you choose to add another neutral element with your outerwear or go bold with a red or burgundy is up to you. See examples of both below. Either way, statement outerwear will help balance the top half of your look and give you the option to change up your silhouette with different types of jackets and coats.

choose statement shoes

I am a big fan of creating the perfect look by accessorizing with coordinating outerwear and shoes. Especially when it comes to dresses and boots. I mean, how cute is the matching grey style below? And the cream, too! But really, whether or not you coordinate your outerwear and shoes, every good sweater dress outfit needs a pair of statement shoes to top off the look. The best part is, plenty of shoes look great with sweater dresses. Just to name a few, sweater dresses go perfectly with chelsea boots, combat boots, ankle boots, knee-high boots, sneakers, and most heels.

don’t forget the jewellery

Sweater dresses are usually made out of a knit fabric, meaning they are a bit more bulky than the average summer dress. Add in your statement outerwear and shoes, and there is no need for the addition of extra bulky accessories. This is especially true if you’re wearing a turtleneck sweater dress. Rather than adding a large statement necklace, add some simple and dainty jewellery. I love gold accents and pearls never go out of style. Accessories such as necklaces and bracelets (small and dainty), stud earrings, and an assortment of thin banded rings will work perfectly.

don’t be afraid to add a bold element

While I tend to keep things neutral, I do like to add a bold element to my style from time to time. Still, going with a bold color doesn’t always mean a fun and exciting neon color. It can mean a bold neutral, like the burgundy jacket featured below. Especially when paired with a black dress. The bold neutral is perfect for adding a pop of eye-catching color without compromising the sophistication of the look.

Click on the image for each sweater dress outfit idea to shop the looks.

how to accessorize a sweater dress

Sweater Dress: Styled With Grey

how to accessorize a sweater dress
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Here I styled the cream sweater dress with a grey python boot and layered a wool blazer over it to match. I kept with the grey trend on all my accessories even the purse!

Sweater Dress: Styled with Cream

how to accessorize a sweater dress
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how to accessorize a sweater dress
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Sweater Dress: Styled with Bold Neutrals

how to accessorize a sweater dress
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Sweater Dress: Styled with Neutrals

how to accessorize a sweater dress
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5 ways to style sweater dresses
5 ways to style sweater dresses

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