How to Care for Designer Bags

How to Care for Designer Bags
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Designer bags are pieces of investment that need to be taken care of. Luxe leathers can be hard to maintain so I’m sharing tips on how to make sure you designer bags are kept in tip-top shape.

If you are looking for any luxury investment pieces, check out this blog post.

How to Care for Designer Bags

How to Care for Designer Bags
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1. Store Your Bags Correctly

This is an important one and while space certainly helps in this regard, My biggest tip here is to tuck in your straps or handles where possible and stuff your bags with soft items such as tissue paper or a white soft pillowcase. This will ensure your bag keeps it shape.

When storing your bag make sure it’s stored in an upright position. If this is not an option, lay flat but try to avoid putting your bags in piles or adding any weight on top of your bags to avoid any misshapen leather.

Dust bags comes with every luxury handbag, so this is a great way to store your bag and keep it covered where no direct sunlight can harm the bag.

2. Regularly Clean the Exterior of Your Bag

Cleaning your luxury handbag is important especially when you use a bag every day. My Weekly tip is to clean it with a baby wipe. Make sure it’s alcohol free! For my leather bags, I use Sonax Leather Cleaner (I typically get this from Amazon, it’s how I found this one and always look at customer reviews) to clean and condition on a monthly basis. After cleaning, you can use a dry cloth your bag came with, but make sure your let your designer bag dry naturally.

3. Protect the Inside of Your Designer Handbags

In order to care for your luxury time you must keep the inside like new. Especially if you plan to resell it. Make sure you remove all the contents of your bag when you store your bag. When I use my Louis Vuitton Neverfull, I love this bag organizer that is $26 from Amazon. It does not let everything fall to the bottom and keep me organized. I also love these cosmetics bags that are personalized. The Daily Edit also has personalized phone cases and ear bud cases.

4. Keep your luxury handbag out of the rain.

Make sure you take care of your bags. Getting out on a rainy day can damage it.

5. Never put your bag on the ground.

Dirty floors and germs will get all over your bag and if you wanting to take care of it, treat it that way!

6. Go to a professional.

if you have a stain that a white easer won’t get rid of, find a local cobbler that can help. It’s the safest way and they are far more knowledgeable on what cleaning products work.

Where to Shop Pre-Use Luxury Items

chanel bag
Chanel Bag

If your in the market for a designer or luxury bag, but do not want to pay full price, here are the places I go.

  • Fashionphile I love fashion phile because you can BUY. SELL. AND REPEAT. FASHIONPHILE is about making pre-owned, ultra-luxury goods accessible. Their luxury handbags are great condition. AND I love that they even buy the items back from you!
  • Shopbop is another great place to find some great pre-used designer handbags from WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND. And make sure the check out the luxury Chanel Jewelry. From Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton they have a great selection of designer handbags.
  • Ebay

If I’m looking to shop new luxury bag, Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue or My Theresa is my go to. Or I go straight the the designer site for find a rare Gucci, YSL, Louis Vuitton.

the gray details and black chanel bag
Chanel Bag


If you can’t decide or don’t want to make the splurge, RENT IT! BAG, BORROW OR STEAL IS A GREAT WAY TO CHANGE OUT YOUR LUXURY HANDBAGS.

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