9 Luxury Investment Pieces Worth Every Penny

For me, investment pieces are a forever piece, something that I will wear a million times over with pleasure. I think it’s okay to see something, lust after it, and take the time to choose it, knowing that it’s worth the investment and will stand the test of time.

9 Luxury Investment Pieces Worth Every Penny

ONE. A Classic Bag

Although the hefty price tag of a bag can be intimidating (even when it’s used), it oftentimes saves you money in the long haul. … Naturally, designer handbags are more durable, make an outfit look more polished and expensive, and usually hold their value. And as a result, they’re totally worth the investment. This is a piece you want to keep classic so it will stand the test of time. (perhaps pass down to your child)

9 Luxury Investment Pieces Worth Every Penny

TWO. A Classic Pump

Most people don’t really want spend a chunk of their clothing budget on a “boring” shoe like the a classic pump, but it’s a building block in your wardrobe. Majority of quality pumps are even more comfortable than cheap heels will be. And personally if I’m going to wear heels then they better be comfortable. If you invest in a plain black pump now it’ll save you money in the future. Quality pumps won’t wear down or fall apart after just a couple uses. In the past I was always finding myself consistently needing new classic pumps because my old ones were scuffed or falling apart.  

With the black pumps we’re talking about, you probably won’t need a different black pump for every occasion so in the long run splurge now and save in the future. When you have a classic pump in your closet you can pair it with any outfit because it goes with just about everything.

9 Luxury Investment Pieces Worth Every Penny
my favorite brand

THREE. A Leather Belt

A belt is one of the simplest leather accessories, and one that you likely wear on a near-daily basis. Belts are a great way to add a pop of metal or print to any solid outfit. Which is one of the main reasons belts are one of my favorite accessories. The other reason is that belts tend to make your waist look smaller because it helps show off your curves without adding bulk. I love adding a thin leather belt to an outfit that already has some fun details like the outfit below. Or I like to add a thicker leather belt to a solid color shift dress or flowy skirt to give my body some shape.

9 Luxury Investment Pieces Worth Every Penny

FOUR. High Quality Skincare

Here’s why you should invest in your skin…. All of those less-than- great skincare habits will one day catch up with you. … And, that frozen, I’ve-just- had-Botox look is not what you’ll end up with should you visit a trusted doctor. Your skin is your best and most sensitive asset, therefore you want it to look its best at all times. No make up can cover up sun damage and wrinkles and procedures can get really pricey. When you invest in skin care as a preventive and maintainable effort it will save you so much money as you age. I wish someone had told me this when I was younger because now I take extremely good care of my skin and I swear it looks better than when I was twenty!

9 Luxury Investment Pieces Worth Every Penny
Photo by La Mer

FIVE. Diamond Earrings

Some women wear diamond earrings if they are wearing very simple make-up to give them a look of complete (and instant) style. There are some who only wear them on special occasions such as a big date, a wedding or to a formal party. There are no rules on how to wear diamond earrings. They are a great staple piece for your accessory collection because they can go with any outfit.

Diamond Earrings
Inexpensive Version

SIX. Small Leather Goods

My flap wallet is one my my favorite investments ever. So easy to transfer to your double flap bag, your evening bag, or kids back pack when you are on the go. I typically try to keep my wallet small because then I have no choice but to keep it clean and organized. It is easy to transfer from bag to bag and when you buy a classic piece it goes with about any handbag you’re carrying.

Small Leather Goods

SEVEN. A classic perfume

Investing in a series of high-quality perfumes will allow you to match your scent to your mood that day. Whether you are going out on a first date or you have a make-or-break presentation at work, you will be able to find the perfect scent to boost your mood.

A classic perfume
Favorite Scent Mix Oud & Peony

EIGHT. Jackets that won’t go out of style

A jacket is a fashion piece that should always stand the test of time. My Burberry Trench and my classic black blazer, are going for over 10 years now and I still love these classic to this day. Below are some great examples of heritage pieces with plenty of classic details worth the investment.

Luxury Investment Pieces

Trench Coat

A Real Leather Jacket

A Blazer

An inexpensive version of the Balmain.

NINE. Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

Our culture is obsessing over fast fashion – think Forever 21, H&M, and Zara – which celebrates trendy disposable clothes at cheap prices. However, my capsule will forego trends and instead contain classic, iconic pieces I will get years of use out of. This will save you not only time and money but will also help save out environment as well. Here are some of my favorites.


A White Button Up

The Perfect Tee

The It Sneaker

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