How To Choose Blush Color

Choosing the perfect blush shade is so important for enhancing your makeup look and your natural beauty! Blush is a powerful tool, adding a pop of color and creating a natural flush that brings your entire look together. With an array of shades available, from soft pinks to rich berries, it’s easy to get lost in the options. The secret lies in understanding your skin tone and undertones. If you have cool undertones, rosy or pink blushes can be flattering, while those with warm undertones may prefer peachy or golden shades. Neutral undertones have the luxury of experimenting with a wider color palette. To simplify this process, I will share some tips on selecting the best blush for your skin type, as well as highlight my top blush picks for each skin tone. So, stay tuned! I’m here to guide you in finding your perfect blush match!

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How To Choose Blush Color

Choosing a blush can be difficult, but I’ve got you covered with tips and tricks to find your perfect blush shade!

Determining Your Skin Tone and Undertone

Figuring out your skin tone and undertones can seem tricky, but it’s simpler than you think and crucial for choosing the right blush. Try looking at the veins in your wrist under natural light. If they appear blue or purple, you likely have cool tones, while green veins means you have warm undertones. If it’s hard to tell the vein color, you might have neutral undertones. Another method is to see how your skin type reacts to different colors of clothing or jewelry. Silver typically complements cool tones, gold flatters warm undertones, however, if both look good, you’re probably neutral.

Testing the Blush on the Apples of Your Cheeks

Testing the Blush on the Apples of Your Cheeks

Another effective method to find the best blush for you is to test it directly on the apples of your cheeks. This lets you see how the color looks with your skin tone in natural light. Just add a bit of blush to the fullest part of your cheek when you smile, as this is where blush looks most natural and gives a true indication of the color on your skin.

Consider Your Natural Flush

Natural Flush on cheeks

A great tip for choosing your best blush color is to look at the color your cheeks turn when you naturally flush. This could be after a light workout or when you’re slightly warm. The natural flush of your cheeks is a strong indicator of the blush shade that will look the most natural and flattering on you. Opt for a blush that closely resembles this hue for a truly natural, healthy glow.

Match with Your Lip Color

How To Choose Blush Color

A helpful tip is to choose a blush that matches your natural lip color. Shades that suit your lips usually complement your cheeks too. Opt for a blush in a similar color family or with matching undertones for a cohesive and flattering makeup look.

Seasonal Adaptation

Seasonal Adaptation Makeup

Your ideal blush color can change with the seasons. In summer, warmer, bronzy tones suit tanned skin for a sun-kissed effect. In winter, lighter rose or mauve blushes work well with paler skin types, giving a fresh look. Adapting your blush to the season keeps your makeup looking natural and flattering all year.

Consider the Rest of Your Makeup

neutral makeup

For bold eye makeup, choose a subtle blush to balance it out, while with neutral eyeshadow, a brighter blush can add color. Matching your blush with neutral eyeshadow tones creates a unified look. Also, for more ideas on neutral eyeshadow looks, be sure to check out my post where I delve into various styles and tips.

Best Blush Colors For Your Skin Tone

How To Choose Blush Color for your skin tone

The perfect blush tone for you typically matches your skin tone and undertones. For cool undertones, select blushes in cool pinks or lilacs, and for warm undertones, opt for peach or coral. For neutral undertones, most shades work well, especially subtle pinks or muted peaches. This approach ensures the blush complements your skin’s natural color, creating a seamless look.

Simply click on my favorite blushes for each skin tone below to shop.

Fair Skin Tones

When it comes to choosing a blush for fair skin, the key is finding blushes that enhance but don’t overpower. Opt for natural-looking shades like light pink or peach. If you want something bolder, consider your skin’s undertones. With fair skin’s typically neutral or pink undertones, light peach or soft berry shades work well, giving a more vibrant yet still natural flush, making you look fresh and radiant. Gucci Westman has some great blush options for fair skin as well. For more on them check out my Gucci Westman Makeup Review.

Medium Skin Tones

Medium skin tones suit vibrant blushes well, with shades like peach and apricot, adding warmth. Alternatively, soft rosy pink blush can also flatter medium skin, applied lightly for a subtle look or more heavily for a color pop. Both peach and rosy pinks enhance the natural warmth of medium, often tanned skin. Blush for medium skin can range depending on the undertones of the individuals skin. Merit Beauty offers excellent blush choices for medium skin tones. Take a look at my sincere review of their products here.

Olive Skin Tones

When choosing a blush for olive skin, consider its yellow and green undertones. A chic choice is to choose vibrant colors with blush tones in orange, peach or golden for a natural flush. Cozy peach and warm bronze hues work well, complementing the skin’s warm or neutral undertone. For those who prefer other options, rose toned blushes can nicely offset the green tones in olive complexions, creating a balanced look. Good choices include copper, bronze, rose, and warm peach blushes.

Deep Skin Tones

For deep skin tones, experimenting with blush colors like vibrant mauves and spicy corals can create a bold look. Deep skin can pull off a variety of shades, from warm to cool blushes depending on your undertones. Warm undertones in dark skin look great with hot corals, brick reds, and deep berries, while cooler undertones pair well with cool blushes like mauve and bright berry shades for a chic look. Fenty Beauty is one of my favorite brands when it comes to being shade inclusive. Check out my Fenty Beauty review here for more on why I love the brand.

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The Best Blush Colors for your skin tone | How To Choose Blush Color

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