How to Personalize Your Mother’s Day Gift

Let’s be honest, what would we do without our momma, nana, mimi. They do it all from having a career, making sure everyone is fed, to turning every bad day into a good one. Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs on the planet and moms do it with no complaints! They are always here to help and so selfless. So why not put some thought into that special gift for her. Below I’m sharing how to personalize your Mother’s Day gift. If you are needing some Mother’s Day outfit inspiration check out my 16 Mother’s Day Outfit Ideas for this year!

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How to Personalize Your Mother’s Day Gift

Idea: Self Care Bag

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Every mom deserves some pampering and this self care goodie bag would be perfect for her and personally one of my favorite kind of gifts. Run a long bath, give her a glass of wine and let her relax and have some much needed me time! Above are some great self care (which every mom needs!) gift ideas. These gifts would be great to make a self care gift basket full of pieces for mom this year.

With Summer coming up I am sure mom is mentally preparing for a Summer jammed pack with camps and sports. Therefore, by getting her some self care gifts it will make going into the busy Summer season a lot easier.

Idea: Beach Bag

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I love the idea of a beach bag because I can speak for myself, we are eyeing so summer essentials. These sandals are a great inspired dupe in my Amazon shop for $39! Add some self tanner, a sarong and some sunscreen as well as some fashion accessories such as a hat and sunnies all from amazon! When it comes to beach accessories Amazon is typically my go to. There are so many beach products that you probably havent even thought of but would make your next beach vacation more enjoyable.

If you really want to go the extra mile then maybe even book a beach vacation for mom! After the past two years I know so many people are dying for a vacation not at home and need some travel time. I know I do! This would be such a great surprise for mom that she will never forget!

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If your mom loves to stay active, get her a new gym bag and and some new gym equipment! I got this for Christmas and I’m loving getting back in shape at home! A gift like this also can spark a new flame of motivation for some new workouts because new workout equipment always makes a workout more fun. In addition to new workout gear a massage gift card would pair perfectly with this gift.

So many spas give Mother’s Day specials making this the perfect time to grab her a gift card for some well deserved self care. By gifting mom a time to carve out for herself shows her you see all her hard work she puts in everyday for others and it is time for her to give some time back to herself.

Idea: Picnic Essentials

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I love entertaining and this one of my favorite gift baskets to create! I think every women loves the unexpected and the thought you put into. You and the kids taking her on a picnic would be the perfect treat. And she can use all of these at a later date! I love the size of this cutting board because it’s smaller and perfect for a picnic. And the premande cocktail in a jar is so fun! Go the extra mile and surprise mom grab a picture frame and personalizing it then include a picture from your picnic and give it to her in a couple weeks or for another special occasion. It will instantly become one of her favorite memory and special photo.


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Jewelry is always a safe bet when picking out a gift for mom or grandma. However, what makes jewelry the perfect gift is by adding an engraved special message or by personalizing it. A cute idea I have seen lately is to create a necklace or bracelet with the first initial of all of her kids. This makes a piece of jewelry extra special because it is like her kids are always close by. By gifting a simple personalized piece she can wear it all the time and she will always remember the special mother’s day that she got it.

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A personalized travel gift is not only a great gift but also super functional as well. I always use a ton of these bags for travel and I absolutely love them. They are great for girl’s trips because you don’t have to go searching around to see which one is yours. The bags above are also of great quality making them great for withstanding travel.

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Here are a few other gifts I love for her!

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