How to Style Joggers

We’ve all spent the last year in more casual wear and being a bit more content being comfortable at home. With that said we seen joggers sets become a staple in the fashion world as they are the most comfortable trousers in the world. A jogger is great piece for lounging around or being cozy on the streets. In today’s post I want to show you some ideas on how to style joggers. As we are seeing the world starting to combine comfort with style, creating amazing looks, I wanted to dedicated a post on what to wear with joggers.

Joggers are super versatile. They can be worn for my occasions, including work. Joggers come in different fabrics, dressed up or down depending on the look you want to go for. There are easy ways to wear joggers and create outfits that combine comfort without sacrificing style.

How to Style Joggers

When styling joggers, I wanted to start with some tips that I personally use for street style or a casual outfit.

How to Choose the Right Style

Consider you body shape when choosing a pair of joggers. If you are super slim and tall and baggy fit might work or you but if you have a pear body shape consider a slimmer leg and ankle. This will help elongate your body and keep it in proportion when wearing this casual outfit.

What Fabrics Go Well Together

When considering fabrics, I also look at body shapes and if you are going with a more casual fit, I love styling a fitted Nylon bodysuit, fitted cotton white tee or even a long crop top with my jogger. This will be more flattering when you layer your leather jacket or denim jacket over the look and will be more flattering on your body shape.

How to Mix and Match Colors

Personally, I always believe monochrome dressing gives you a more polished look and slim fit. These tips also apply when styling your jogger pant outfits. If you feel you want to mix colors stay in the same color family or keep it classic on top like a white tee styled with your black joggers.

How to Wear for Different Occasions

I typically prefer a cotton or knit when wearing jogger pants, but if you are looking for something more dressy you can easily got for a silk or dressy cable knit jogger.

Jogger Outfit Ideas

Keep it Monchrome
How to Style Joggers

One outfit idea is a matching set and I love this jogger set by Ulla Johnson. The puff sleeve and tassel on the legging is a great one styled with a classic sneaker.

How to Style Joggers

If I’m feeling like a subtle color this hunter green set by Frame is a favorite of mine. It’s a great fall option when wearing joggers and can be paired with a nude sneaker for contrast. I also added my favorite ball cap for a sporty look.

Layer a Leather Jacket or Denim Jacket
Stylish ways to wear joggers

This black jogger is one of my favorite. It’s perfect for year round because it’s a knit that is lighter weight. Here I added a biker jacket to give it a little edge and a pair of high top sneakers!

Keep It Casual
Joggers outfit ideas

I personally love a great lounge jogger for an outfit idea at home. It’s polished enough if you have an unexpected guest or needs to throw on a pair of sneakers to run to the grocery store or an errand.

Dress it Up
How to style joggers

Here I wanted to dress up these faux leather joggers with a sweater for fall, but it adding a biker jacket with a bodysuit underneath and a pair of heels would be great for date night or work.

Style It with a Crop Top
Styling joggers with a crop top

I love styling joggers with a crop top. It doesn’t have to show much skin but gives a little peek a boo effect. You could do the same with a fitted long bralette or tee shirt if you are more modest.

Chic ways to wear sweatpants

Another outfit idea, I styled the black joggers with a matching black crop top and a pair of black sneakers.

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