Luxe Velvet Nails for the Holiday Season

Holiday season is here, which means it’s time for all things luxe, velvet, and sparkly. And velvet nails are the perfect holiday upgrade from your classic glazed donut nail look. Having a manicure that goes with your outfits for the season, is a great way to instantly elevate your look, making you feel even more festive. And velvet nails are not only great for the holidays: Christmas, holiday parties and New Years Eve, they’re a classic even after the holidays end. Especially if you opt for a classic winter white or other neutral look. Sharing some of my favorite luxe velvet nail looks to inspire your next manicure and hopefully get you in the holiday mood.

Luxe Velvet Nails for the Holiday Season

Rounding up 15 luxe nail designs just in time for the holiday parties and New Year Eve events.

Velvet French Tip Nails

Silver French Tip Velvet Nails

Luxe Velvet Nails for the Holiday Season

You can never go wrong with a classic silver french tip nail, and this velvet take on it is gorgeous. If you’re looking for a classic holiday nail to last you from Christmas to New Years Eve, this look is perfect.

Silver Glitter Velvet French Tip Nails

Glitter Velvet French Tip Nails

This take on the classic french tip nail is an elegant way to elevate your look for the holidays. The silver glitter and velvet combo is stunning, and will surely pair with all of your holiday event outfits.

Gold Glitter French Tip Velvet Nails

French Tip Luxe Velvet Nails

Alternatively, if you’re more of a gold than silver person, try this gold take on the velvet glitter french tip nails. It is sure to turn heads this season.

Emerald Glitter French Tip Velvet Nails

Emerald Glitter French Tip Velvet Nails

If you’re a fan of color, try a classic Christmas color like emerald. These emerald velvet french tip nails are a perfect jewel-toned option for the season that would look amazing for holiday parties.

Silver & Gold Velvet Nail Design

Silver & Gold Velvet Nail Design

This twist on a classic is not only elegant but unique. Try combining both silver and gold for a fresh yet classy nail look. Wear this look with either gold or silver jewelry this holiday season for a stunning look.

Velvet Nail Colors

Purple Velvet Nails

Purple Velvet Nails

This purple velvet nail option adds a fun pop of color, while remaining classy and chic. Perfect if you’re wearing neutral tones or shades of purple this holiday season.

Champagne Short Velvet Nails

Champagne Luxe Velvet Nails

Champagne is another one of those classic neutral tones that always looks stunning. It’s a great way to stay sophisticated and classy while adding an extra touch of sparkle to your holiday looks.

Pink Velvet Nails

Pink Velvet Nails

For those pink lovers, this pink velvet french tip twist is a unique way to add a pop of color to your look this winter. These pink velvet nails are not only a great option for holiday season, they would look good all year long.

Mauve Velvet Nails

Holiday manicure ideas

Mauve is an amazing stunning, yet muted color for the holidays. It goes great with other holiday colors and looks classy even after the holiday season is over. Try pairing these nails with a classy jewel toned holiday dress to complete the look.

Platinum Velvet Nails

Platinum Holiday nail color

Platinum is not only trending right now, but it looks chic and classy all year long. It’s a unique way to elevate your classic silver nail look, and would look amazing all holiday season long.

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