How to Wear Velvet for the Holidays

Velvet is not only elegant, luxurious, and bold, it is a timeless classic. Often worn during the holidays, velvet is commonly seen in jewel tones, reminiscent of Christmas bows and decor. Its rich, luxe feel almost evokes royalty, making it the perfect fabric to wear during the holiday season. It can be worn dressed up for a black tie affair or dressed down for a casual family gathering. And, it’s different from other fabrics because its thick, soft touch is comfortable and great to keep you warm in the cold weather. Velvet is truly a classic staple during the holiday season, and instantly adds a touch of luxury to your outfits. Whether you’re attending an office holiday party, a wedding, a family get-together, or staying home by the fire, velvet can be styled in endless ways this holiday season keeping you looking chic and elegant.

How to Wear Velvet for the Holidays

Exploring different ways to style and wear velvet in an elegant and fashionable way during the holiday season.

How to Wear Velvet for the Holidays

A classic way to wear velvet during this holiday season is in a jewel-toned dress. This elegant pink velvet mini dress would be perfect to wear to a special holiday party or event. Style it with a pair of silver heels, matching jewelry and a winter coat.

Pair Your Velvet with Non-Trending Pieces

Since velvet is such a rich statement fabric, try wearing it with more subtle, staple pieces. Pair a velvet top with leather pants or a silk skirt for a nice, balanced and chic look.

Choose the Right Shoe

Choosing the right shoe is important when it comes to wearing velvet. Sometimes a shoe can really make or break an outfit. When going for a velvet dress look, sometimes you may want to pair it with a simple, elegant heel. Whereas, if you’re wearing a velvet accessory, try wearing a shoe with more texture to balance it out. A pair of heels with a velvet texture to them would look elegant and elevate your look.

Think Beyond Formal Wear

Don’t be afraid to wear it at the office or style it casually on the weekend. Velvet pieces are suitable for more than just glam night outs.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Bold Jewel and Rich Colors

Bold jewel tones and rich colors go extremely well with velvet fabric. It tends to give off a very luxurious vibe. Try going for a color you may not normally wear and you may end up being surprised how much you love it.

Pair it with Delicate Fabrics for a Softer Look

Since velvet is such a bold and rich fabric, pairing it with a more delicate fabric, such as silk, can create a chic, balanced look. Try wearing a slip dress with a velvet coat or shawl this holiday season.

Accessorize and Use Velvet as an Accent

A velvet bag, shawl, or hair accessory is a great way to instantly elevate your look. If you’re wanting to wear velvet, but still remain subtle, adding it to your outfit through your accessories is a great way to wear it while still achieving that classic holiday look.

Look for Tonal Intricate Patterns

When looking for a velvet outfit, try finding one with an intricate pattern in a similar tone to the piece of fabric itself. For example, a burgundy velvet dress with a darker shade of burgundy patterned throughout the dress. This elevates your look and adds a luxurious feel to the dress.

Velvet Holiday Outfits

Rounding up 22 velvet holiday outfits from velvet dresses, velvet blazer suits, velvet jumpsuits, velvet skirts to get you inspired for holiday parties. Scroll to the bottom if you are looking for holiday velvet accents such as velvet hair accessories and velvet dressy heels.

Velvet Holiday Dresses
How to Wear Velvet for the Holidays

If you’re looking for a chic, yet classic holiday party dress look, velvet dresses are the perfect choice. There are many different colors to choose from. Try going with a classic holiday color such as a deep emerald green or red. Pair your velvet dresses with a classy set of heels or pumps. And finish off your looks with a sleek handbag or clutch, perfect for holiday season.

How to Wear Velvet for the Holidays

This outfit combination is perfect for any chic holiday party or event this season. Try looking for velvet dresses with intricate patterns to add dimension to your look. Pair your dress with matching velvet heels and a chic clutch in the same tone. Finish off your look with gold jewelry.

floral, jewel toned velvet mini dress

This floral, jewel toned velvet mini dress is another great option for a special holiday season event. The pink and red jewel tones go perfectly with the richness of the velvet texture. Pair this dress with a matching velvet clutch and heels. For an extra touch, choose a pair of closed toed, velvet heels in the same jewel toned for a polished look. The long sleeves on this dress paired with closed toe heels make it perfect for that special winter occasion.

Velvet holiday fashion

When opting for a bold velvet patterned dress, having a simple silhouette can help balance your look. Try a cami-styled maxi dress in a bold jewel toned paired with simple matching velvet heels and a clutch to complete the look. Add a black or deep burgundy jacket over this dress and your outfit is ready for any special holiday occasion.

Velvet Suit Outfits
velvet suit outfit

If you’re looking for something different than a dress this holiday season and want to be bold, try a velvet suit look. An all velvet suit look is a great way to look sophisticated while remaining comfortable. Try going for a classic holiday season color such as a deep red, or a classic black look. Pair your suit with a pair of strappy heels and a chic leather bag.

Velvet Top Outfits
How to Wear Velvet for the Holidays

If you’re not quite ready to dress in velvet from head to toe, but still wanting to wear velvet for the holidays, try a more subtle approach. Velvet tops come in all different colors and styles from off-the-shoulder, classic v-neck, and a scrunched halter look. Style your velvet top with a more understated bottom, such as a sleek silk skirt or a pair of simple leather pants. Go for neutral or holiday colors, and finish off the look with a classy pair of heels or boots.

Velvet Jumpsuits
How to Wear Velvet for the Holidays

If you want to try something different than the classic velvet holiday dresses, try a chic jumpsuit. The holiday season is the perfect time to be bold and show off your style prowess. A velvet jumpsuit is certain to be a sophisticated, elegant, showstopper. Go for an elegant velvet jumpsuit with a tied or fitted waist to give your look shape and structure. Wear it with a pair of neutral heels and an elegant clutch to complete the bold look.

Velvet Skirt Outfits
Velvet Skirt Outfits

Velvet skirts can be worn in many different ways, especially for the holiday season. For instance, a velvet skirt and top set is a stunning option, paired with heels and a chic clutch, for any dressy holiday party. In addition, try wearing a velvet slip skirt with a simple, yet elegant top. The rich velvet will add dimension to your outfit and instantly elevate your look.

Velvet Accessories
Velvet Accessories

If you’re wanting to wear velvet in a more subtle way this holiday season, adding it to your outfit through your accessories is a great way to incorporate it into your look. A velvet bag, headband, bow, or other accessory is a gorgeous way to instantly elevate your look. Get creative and try a pair of velvet heels or boots, too, to add that rich texture to your style this season.

Velvet Shoes
Velvet shoes

Velvet for the holidays goes from head to toe! These velvet heels are iconic and perfect not only for the holidays, but all year long. A pair of velvet heels will elevate your velvet dress or suit look. Or, if you’re wearing a velvet top and a silk slip skirt, a pair of velvet heels is a great way to round out your look. If you like velvet shoes, try wearing a pair of velvet Mary Janes or boots this winter as well.

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