Winter Travel Capsule for A Weekend Getaway

I’m loving all the followers request on Instagram and today’s roundup is a Winter Travel Capsule for a Weekend Getaway. I’m so excited about this one as I will be heading for a cold weather trip soon.

For those of you that might not know what a capsule wardrobe is, let me give you the 411. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of several pieces of clothing that can easily be mixed and matched. Capsule wardrobes can be as small as 8-10 pieces for a weekend getaway, or as large as 20-25 pieces for a work capsule wardrobe.

Winter Travel Capsule for Weekend Getaway

This winter travel capsule wardrobe consists of two coats, one boot, four tops, a sweater dress and four winter accessories to change up you entire look. Scroll to see the five outfits from the winter capsule styled below.

Varley Half Zip Sweatshirt | Faux Leather Legging or Classic Legging | Levi’s Ribcage Black Jeans |Cashmere Scarf | White Beanie | Sherpa Baseball Cap | Ugg Gloves | Krewe Black Sunglasses | Camel Sweater | Charcoal Grey Sweater | Leather Lined Shacket | Spanx Black Bodysuit | Ugg Sherpa Coat | Leather Lined Shacket |All Saints Chelsea Boot (option under $150) | & Other Stories Sweater Dress | Black Convertible Strap Handbag

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Weekend Winter Getaway Outfit Ideas

Winter Getaway: Faux Leather Leggings Outfit

winter travel outfit

This is my go to travel outfit. It’s comfortable yet chic and can be restyled a few ways. You can dress up the faux leather leggings for dinner and wear the half zip sweatshirt with any jean for a casual day. If you’re heading out for a day on the town, don’t forget a handbag that is both stylish and functional. One that hold your cell-phone, keys, wallet, and other travel essentials.

Winter Getaway Outfit: Turtleneck Under Sweater

Winter Travel Capsule for A Weekend  Getaway

This outfit can be worn with the bodysuit for extra warmth while also being stylish with the turtleneck under a the sweater. You can also switch out this sweater for the sweatshirt if you want one less top for your capsule. I also love this bag because it comes with a canvas strap that is perfect for casual sightseeing days.

Winter Getaway Outfit: Sweater With Scarf

Winter Travel Capsule for A Weekend  Getaway

Whether you are sightseeing or shopping around with friends, this sweater is not only chic with the wrist cuff but also comfortable. Layer a cashmere scarf and sherpa coat or even add a beanie on a colder day. If you need an extra layer of warmth, add the neutral color beanie.

Winter Getaway Outfit: Shacket With Leggings

winter brunch outfit

For a travel brunch outfit, style this shacket with your faux leather leggings, boots. If it’s cold, this jacket allows for layering so throw it over your shoulders. You can layering your bodysuit for an all black outfit or add a relaxed sweater like this charcoal grey one.

Winter Getaway Outfit: Sweater Dress With Boots

winter dinner outfit idea

A sweater dress is one of my favorite winter staples. This one is a bit more relaxed and great for comfort while traveling. Wear it with a chunky boot, sneaker or dress it up with a tall kitten heel boot. If your chosen destination is going to be extra cold, be sure to pack your matching merino wool socks.

Winter Travel Capsule Packing Tips

If you are trying to minimize to a carry on and / or pack light, here are some tips:

Wear your Heavy Coat On The Plane | packing for winter can be challenging, so I always wear my coat so I don’t have to take up space in my suitcase. Trust me, you can bring so much more by utilizing this simple hack.

Use Your Scarf as a Blanket | I tend to get chilly on the plane so I always travel with a scarf to use and it’s a multi-purpose piece you can style with your outfits. If you find you’re too warm, simply throw your scarf into your personal carry-on bag.

Choose Outfits that you can Style with 1-2 Pairs of Shoes | Shoes take up alot of room in your suitcase so it’s important to think about your outfits and style them accordingly. In my opinion, a good rule of thumb is to choose outfits that can be styled with multiple shoes so whatever vibe you’re feeling upon arrival you will have all the options you need.

Use Packing Cubes – these are life savers when it comes to packing and keeping yourself organized. Divide your clothes, products, and other essentials by grouping similar items. For the best results, be sure to try out a few different sizes and shapes.

Pair Down Your Makeup and Only Take the Essentials for a 2-3 day trip – Like a travel capsule wardrobe, you can also create a travel capsule makeup kit.

Use Travel Size Hair & Body Care – Just trust me here and keep in mind that you can bring extras, they just have to be under the TSA limit.

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