May Outfits inspiration to recreate

May is just around the corner, and as the weather starts to warm up, we find ourselves in that in-between period of spring and summer, making it tricky to choose what to wear. To help you navigate this transitional time, I’ve put together a range of classy outfits. From casual looks perfect for everyday activities to dressier options for those special occasions. Whether you’re stepping out for a coffee or heading to a gathering, these outfit ideas are perfect to keep you stylish and comfortable. So, stay tuned for some great wardrobe inspiration that will take you through May in style!

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May Outfits inspiration to recreate

Sharing a variety of chic May outfits to elevate your look this spring.

Black Jeans and Sweater Outfits

In May’s unpredictable weather, I love to opt for an outfit of black jeans with a top. And then I throw a sweater over my shoulders in case it gets cool. This look is flexible and easy to change up. For a laid-back vibe, I wear it with sneakers. For a more dressed up look, I switch to ballet flats or heels and a button down shirt. This outfit is perfect for the cooler May days, while still looking chic.

Navy Striped Sweater | Striped Longsleeve | Straight Leg Black Jeans | Black Mary Jane Heels | Mother Black Jeans | Blue Button Down Shirt | Cream Sweater | Quilted Bag | Saint Laurent Black Tote Bag

White Pants and Vest Outfits

Vests, or waistcoats, have been really popular lately, and they go well with a lot of different outfits. I especially like pairing them with white pants for a chic look. White pants make the outfit feel fresh and stylish and they’re also a wardrobe essential. You can add sandals for a slightly dressy vibe, or wear sneakers if you want to keep it casual but still look put together.

Black Linen Vest | White Linen Pants | High Rise White Jeans | White Linen Vest | White Trousers | Basket Bag | Wide Leg White Jeans | White Adidas Samba | Brown Leather Sandals | Khaki Vest

Maxi Dress Outfits

A maxi dress is a must-have for your May wardrobe because it’s so versatile. You can dress it up for fancier occasions like date nights or parties by adding some heels and elegant accessories. Or, keep it casual for a day out by pairing it with sneakers or sandals. This makes the maxi dress perfect for almost any event in May, whether you’re going out for the evening or just enjoying a relaxed day.

White Blazer | Black and White Dress | Black Slide Sandals | Black Dress | White Pleated Skirt | Black Maxi Dress | Colorblock Maxi Dress | Black Heeled Sandals

Shorts Outfits

Shorts are also key for this transitional time between spring and summer. They’re cool enough for warmer days but can also be styled for cooler weather. You can pair them with a vest for a coordinated, chic look, or wear them with a button down or sweater when it’s a bit chilly. I really like choosing chic linen shorts to elevate my May outfits. Linen adds a touch of elegance and keeps the look fresh and stylish, perfect for any May day.

Pleated Tan Shorts | Belted Beige Shorts | White Shorts Two Piece | Nude Leather Sandals | White Shorts | Linen Shorts | Brown Leather Sandals | Black Heeled Sandals | Basket Bag

White Jeans Outfits

White jeans are essential for spring and summer because they’re so versatile. They also make the perfect base for any outfit. You can keep it simple and stylish by pairing them with a black tank top and black sandals. Or, for a different look, try wearing them with a striped top, a trench coat, and ballet flats. Whether you’re going for casual or a bit more dressed up, white jeans work with everything and help you look great all season long.

Beige Trench Coat | High Rise Tapered White Jeans | Mother White Jeans | Basket Bag | Black Sandals | Saint Laurent Tote

Blue button down Outfits

A blue button down shirt is both a trendy and classic piece for spring. It’s incredibly flexible and can be styled in many ways, whether you’re wearing it with shorts, pants, or a slip skirt. For a relaxed everyday look, try pairing it with linen pants and sandals. This outfit is perfect for keeping cool and looking chic during the spring season. The blue button down brings a touch of sophistication to any casual outfit, making it a great choice for your spring wardrobe.

Nude Leather Sandals | White Linen Pants | High Rise White Jeans | Cropped White Jeans | Blue Button Down Shirt | Blue Striped Button Down | Brown Leather Sandals | Basket Bag

White Skirt Outfits

White skirts are also great for creating various stylish outfits. For a chic, coordinated look, pair a white vest with a white skirt. Or if you prefer a classic contrast, try a black and white outfit with a flowy white skirt, a black sweater, and ballet flats. For a more laid-back vibe, a white skirt looks effortlessly cool with a chic t-shirt and Adidas Sambas. These options show how versatile a white skirt can be, fitting seamlessly into different styles and occasions.

White Linen Vest | Favorite Daughter Vest | White Linen Skirt | Black Ballet Flats | Black Heeled Boots Black Mary Jane Ballet Flats | White Maxi Skirt

Mommy and me Outfits

Mother’s Day falls in May, and a fun way to celebrate is with “mommy and me” outfits. You don’t need to match completely, but adding similar elements can be adorable. For example, both wearing Adidas Samba sneakers or similar styles of jeans can tie your looks together. This adds a special touch to the day and makes for great photos, all while keeping both outfits stylish and coordinated.

Wide Leg Blue Jeans | White Adidas Samba | Beige Trench Coat | Black Blazer | Kids Blue Jeans | Kids White Jeans | Kids Black Puffer Jacket

Linen Trousers Outfits

Linen trousers are perfect as the weather starts to warm up because they are not only stylish but also breathable, keeping you cool and comfortable. For a great May outfit, pair linen trousers with sandals and a casual shirt. This lookis effortlessly chic and ideal for daily wear, whether you’re running errands or enjoying a casual day out. Linen’s lightweight texture makes it a top choice for staying relaxed and fashionable in the warmer months.

White Linen Pants | White Jeans | Beige Linen Pants | White Button Down | Brown Leather Sandals

Blue jeans Outfit

A classic blue jeans outfit is both chic and easy to put together. Start with your favorite pair of blue jeans and pair them with a white T-shirt. Then to elevate the look, tuck in your shirt and add a pair of stylish sandals. Finish it off with a chic bag to add a touch of sophistication. This outfit is perfect for a casual day out and can be quickly dressed up with just a few simple tweaks.

Wide Leg Blue Jeans | White Short Sleeve Shirt | Leather Sandals

Cream Slip Skirt Outfits

Cream slip skirts are incredibly chic, and I’m loving this color for May. It’s versatile and can be dressed up or down. For a date night, pair it with heels and a blouse to create an elegant and sophisticated look. If you’re aiming for something more casual, simply wear it with sneakers and a tank top. This relaxed combination is perfect for a day out or a laid-back gathering, making the cream slip skirt a stylish and essential piece for your May wardrobe.

Cream Maxi Skirt | White Adidas Samba | Basket Bag | White Adidas Samba | White Button Down

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