My Honest Review of the Cookware All over Instagram

In the past we’d have to shell out mega dollars for cookware such as All Clad or Staub and it wasn’t really much to look at. But with companies like Caraway, a new direct to consumer cookware brand, they are working to change that. After using these for the last 6 months, I thought it would be a great time to give you my honest review of the cookware all over instagram!

In the pictures they look gorgeous, as chic and clean as cookware can come. As I know, you are seeing these all over Instagram. Whether other influencers posting or in ads all over Instagram and other social media, I’m going to breakdown my final thoughts on these stunning pieces!

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My Honest Review of the Cookware All over Instagram

The Set of 4 pots and pans runs $395, $100 off including a deep 10.5 inch frying pan, a smaller 4.5 quart sauté pan, a 3-quart saucepan, and a 6.5 quart Dutch oven. However, now you can buy them individually. Shop them Here or shop the set Here.

Why do I Personally Love Them?

1. You can Show them Off

The modern and clean lines make it so easy to leave out and style your kitchen with. This not only saves you storage space but time and money on decorating your kitchen. This cookware set is not only functional but aesthetic as well. It’s definitely a conversation piece when anyone comes over and I could go on and on about them to anyone.

My Honest Review of the Cookware All over Instagram, caraway cookware
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2. They are DURABLE and Well Designed

Made of aluminum with stainless steel bottoms they evenly distribute heat leaving no hot spots and the food cooks very evenly. There’s no more having to move your food or pan around to ensure everything is cooked. The one ding is with the durability they are slightly on the heavier side, but this also avoids them being easily knocked over with a touch of the handle. Therefore, in my book the heaviness is a plus.

3. They are EASY to CLEAN

Do you ever have that pan that you soak and soak and it never seems to come clean? These are completely the opposite, cleaning them is a dream! It does not matter if you are making scrambled eggs or a fried egg everything slips off so easily. I use to hate making scrambled eggs because it just made a huge mess and a pain to clean but now when the kids ask for them I don’t even have to worry about it.

My Honest Review of the Cookware All over Instagram
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4. They are Non-Toxic

95% of our cookware has Teflon in it, Caraway uses mineral ceramic coating that will not leach toxic materials into your food. Being non-stick you also use less oils and butter which is healthier all around. The kids love pancakes on Saturday mornings and I love making them for them. However, with my old pans I’d always forget to reapply spray or oil so they wouldn’t stick to the pan. It wouldn’t be until it was too late would I notice my mistake with a sticky and deformed pancake half on the pan and half on the plate.

review of caraway cookware
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Here is a roundup of the colors available:

There are five different colors cream, gray, navy, perracotta, and sage. I personally could not decided between the gray or cream because I am all about neutrals but I decided to go with the gray. The gray popped more in my kitchen because it is mostly cream. Check out all the colors here.

I’ve been using Caraway cookware exclusively the last month and they’ve been amazing to cook with. Just one Caraway pan can replace the clutter of pans currently filling your cabinets. They are responsive to temperature changes, oven safe up to 650 degrees and truly nonstick. and of course, they look GREAT! Caraway is a great gift for anyone getting married or for anyone who is moving into a new place. It is a gift of functionality and decoration because of how on trend they are.

But don’t just stop at this pot and pan set. At Caraway, you will also find other essential and aesthetic pieces of cookware. Think pots, pans, spatulas and spoons (including wooden spoons and wooden spatulas), steamers, skillets, sauciers, saucepans, steaming baskets, cast iron pans, and spatula and spoon rests. Let me know which pieces you like the most!

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