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We’ve made it to Rosemary Beach and while I can’t wait to share an amazing trip itinerary for you once you visit! My family has been coming to Rosemary since my kids were babies and we just love it. It’s safe and so family friendly. We go from pool to bike rides to the beach all day long! When making a big trip like this it’s so important to be organized so I thought I’d share what I consider the best amazon travel essentials.

When I comes to travel, we all know Amazon Prime is our bestie. Sometimes I how we managed without it. Here are my best amazon travel essentials that I have independently selected from Amazon, are also all in my shop. I also cover my weekly fashion finds in here so this is the perfect place to follow along. These are my favorites and majority of these Amazon must have travel essentials are nonnegotiable for me they make my packing list every single time no matter how long I am gone. They make packing so seamless and organized as well as easy to unpack to stay that way! I know I always have this issue where my room is a solid mess, I mean I’m on vacation, right?!

This time around with packing for 5 people, along with a 14 hour road trip, I wanted to be an organized as possible and since I’m always needing things last minute and Amazon prime is always saving the day!

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Best Amazon Travel Essentials

Packing Cubes

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These packing cubes have been a life saver! I feel so much more organized separating my swimsuits, undergarment and casual wear. There is also a set that comes with a semi water resistant cube that is perfect to hold your travel bottles of any shampoo, conditioner, or lotion so if they do not adjust to their air pressure and explode in your bag their contents won’t ruin any of your other luggage contents. They come in a variety of colors and have an assortment of sizes! They have different sizes able to fit in your carry on or your travel sized tote bags if you’re traveling light.

Travel Steamer

best travel steamer
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I can’t live without my travel steamer, whether shooting or going out to dinner this one is easy to pack and you just fill it with water and steam away! It has saved me so many times on vacation so I am looking and feeling my best in my vacation outfits! It is leak proof so if you’re on the go you don’t have to worry about it spilling out water in your bag. I love using this for shoots especially because I am having to pack all my clothes in the car and they typically wrinkle through travel.

Hat Box

hat box for travel, amazon travel
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This hat box is so large it comes its the perfect way to secure your hats but also add your outfits for the weekend! A hat box is an unthought of travel accessory until you realize you either have to wear your hat while traveling or pack it and risk it getting smashed. Hats are one of my favorite accessories on vacation because it adds an extra touch to every outfit while concealing salty beach hair!

Purse Organizer

purse organizer, amazon purse organizer, amazon travel

This purse organizer is amazing! I always travel with large bags and this one helps me keep everything organized. So many different compartments for your travel bottles, lipstick and that beach read! I especially love this specific purse organizer because it has a place for card slots for your credit cards so you don’t lose them or they don’t end up stolen. I always think a purse organizer is not only a good way for your large bag to stay organized but it also makes it hard from someone to reach in and grab your purse contents while you aren’t looking.

Vanity Case

amazon travel, amazon
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For me having a large vanity case is important! It’s nice to put not only my makeup, but my hair products too! This vanity bag way I feel a little more organized while away and make it feel like I am at home with everything having a specific home so I can find all my beauty products easier. On top of all its amazing features this high quality vanity case’s price point can not be beat it is only $19!

Quality Luggage

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High quality luggage is a must and there are so many affordable options now! I love this set because for all three it is only $169 whereas a lot of single pieces of luggage can be $169. This luggage set is durable and water resistant to ensure all your belonging survive the bumps and bangs of travel. This gray color also looks super cute with any luggage tags along with making them stand out so it is easier to find your luggage at baggage claim.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These noise cancelling headphones are a bit of a splurge but they are amazing to have when you’re traveling on an airplane! Once you put these things on all the disruption of small children, turbulence, and overall chatter disappear. I love using these and watching any of my downloaded Netflix shows while flying or turning on some peaceful music with a travel pillow on and attempting to take a nap on the plane.

Portable Charger

portable chargers, amazon travel
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Saved the best for last because a portable charger is an absolute travel must!! I don’t think I will ever travel without one! This portable charger is the best bang for your buck because it is travel sized and has USB ports. These are perfect to take along with you to the beach, on a mountain, or to the airport to avoid using their public charging station.

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