Nail Polish Trends for Spring

Black and Nude Minimal Design | Nail Polish Trends for Spring, Modern French

Nail polish trends go with the change of the seasons and the start of spring is the best time to shelve the dark nail polish color you used when the weather was cold. With the end of winter approaching, it’s time to bring out those pretty pastels and vibrant spring nail colors. Today, I’m dedicating this post the best nail polish trends for spring this year.

A fresh manicure is a perfect way to add something extra to your outfit. From subtle chic detailing to a bolder design, there is something for everyone in this spring nail polish trends. Also, summer is around the corner and if you are looking ahead, check out this post for summer nail trends!

Nail Polish Trends for Spring

1. White and Nude Minimal Design

nail polish trends for springs nail polish trends for summer, modern French nails
White and Nude Minimal Design | Nail Polish Trends for Spring
image via pinterest
White and Nude Minimal Design | Nail Polish Trends for Spring
image via pinterest

Personally, I’m loving this trend. It started showing up a lot in spring 2023 and it’s back again this year. These are all wearable options for every day and every setting with the classic and minimal nail designs. Keep your nail classic and adding a white or nude simplistic design is both modern and elevated.

2. Neutral Line Art

Neutral Line Art | Nail Polish Trends for Spring
image via pinterest

This is the season’s boldest look. It’s sophisticated and elegant when done the right way. You can do an elaborate and bold design such as polka dots or animal print mixed with a geometric design. If you want to keep it more simple opt for similar shades or incorporate subtle metallics.

3. Pearl Details

Pearl Details | Nail Polish Trends for Spring
Image via Pinterest
Pearl Details nails
image via pinterest

My love for pearls is endless. it’s such a classic and Chanel vibes and I love that it’s being incorporated into the spring nail trends. I love that this trend is versatile. If you want to keep it more simple, apply one pearl at the cuticle. If you want more luxe, you can have actual pearls applied to your nails. Also, just a pearlized white polish is a stunning option!

4. Gingham Nails

Gingham Nails
Image Via Pinterest

Jumping in on the gingham trend in your nail style will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd. You are seeing this trend in dresses, tops and everywhere so of course adding it to your nails is such a statement!

5. Marble Nails

Marble Nails | Nail Polish Trends for Spring

The marble nail is next on my list! From kitchen inspiration to your nail style, it’s here. You can start with just one nail or even do a different version of the marble on each nail! Add a clear top coat for a gorgeous shine. Whether you keeping it neutral or playing with color, I’m currently loving this nail trend!

6. Animal Print

Animal Print
image via pinterest
Animal Print nail design
image via pinterest

The animal print trend has seemed to stick around. First it was cheetah, then snake, and now we are seeing cow print every where! It’s bold and sassy and will complement and add some trend to your look.

7. Geometric Nails

If you are looking to make a statement, geometric art is for you. This design has bold shapes and sharp lines. You can really get creative with this nail trend and choose colors that match your skin tone or go bold with bright colors.

8. Modern French

This is one of my favorite trends and and I personally love playing around with color here. Nudes paired with black or sage green is gorgeous! Or you could even pair it with a neon color! It’s a great way to add color to a classic outfit and breathe life into a classic nail style.

Modern French manicure, spring nail trends
image via pinterest
Modern French nails | Nail Polish Trends for Spring
image via pinterest

This is a modern take on the classic French Tip! Just add an extra line above the white in a different color. It makes an interesting statement to the classic nail art.

10. Metallic Nails

Metallic Nails
image via pinterest
Metallic Nail art
image via pinterest

The metallic trend is definitely having a moment. This trend works in about every color and can be an update to your classic nail color. It doesn’t even have to be bold. If your looking for more classic this ballet pink metallic or Champagne metallic is your answer.

11. Single Nail Feature

If you looking to get creative but not too bold, the single nail feature is the perfect nail trend for you. Paint all your nails but one in a block color and the remaining nail will pop! You can keep it classic with just a single metallic or neon or try graphics or patterns such as a geometric design! There are so many possibilities to this nail trend.

12. Green Nails

matte Green Nails
image via pinterest

One of the season’s hottest colors is the shade green! Whether it’s sage, emerald, neon or mint there is a hue for every mood and skin tone. Personally, I’m love the sage color!


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