Winter Fashion Trends 2023-2024

Winter is finally here, and with it comes the latest winter fashion trends for 2023 and 2024. This season, we’re seeing everything from eye-catching metallics to luxurious holiday velvets and stylish pleats. The trend of quiet luxury continues, emphasizing subtle elegance. I’m excited to share a roundup of these trends, along with some of my favorite pieces for each one. So, if you’re looking for inspiration on how to dress fashionably this winter, stay tuned for chic ideas and top picks to keep you stylish all season long!

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Winter Fashion Trends 2023-2024

Winter Fashion Trends 2023-2024

Sharing a variety of chic trends of the season to inspire your winter 2023-2024 wardrobes and beyond!


Pleats are a chic trend this winter, especially in skirts and dresses. They’re great for holiday events, instantly elevating your look. Also, for an everyday outfit, pair them with a sweater and jacket for a comfortable chic look. This pleated trend is versatile, perfect for both special occasions and daily wear, making it a key addition to your winter wardrobe.

Pleats Winter Fashion Trends 2023-2024
pleats fashion trend
pleats fashion trend for winter


Peplum is another winter trend that I’m loving. It’s essentially when fabric flares out from the waist of tops or dresses, creating a gorgeous flared or ruffled effect. It’s an easy way to add a touch of feminine sophistication to an outfit. This detail enhances any look, making it a great choice for a chic wardrobe update this season.

Peplum Winter Fashion Trends 2023-2024
Peplum Winter Fashion Trends 2023-2024
Peplum Winter Fashion Trends 2023-2024


Red has been a hugely popular color this year. We’ve seen it in fall fashion trends and it continues to make a strong statement in winter styles. Whether you’re adding a pop of red with accessories or embracing a bold, monochromatic look, this vibrant color can really elevate your outfit. For more ideas on how to incorporate red into your wardrobe, check out my post on how to wear red.

Red Winter Fashion Trends 2023-2024
Red Winter Fashion Trends 2023-2024
Red Winter Fashion Trends 2023-2024


Sheer clothing is another key trend this season, often seen in long-sleeve tops worn over a bralette or camisole. This style adds an edgy, chic touch to any outfit. Pair a sheer top with trousers and a jacket for a sophisticated winter look, or for a bolder statement, opt for a sheer dress or skirt. These sheer pieces are perfect for adding a modern twist to your winter wardrobe.

Sheer Winter Fashion Trends 2023-2024
Sheer Winter Fashion Trends 2023-2024
Sheer Winter Fashion Trends 2023-2024

Back to School

The ‘back to school’ look featuring blazers, trousers, pin stripes, pleats, and vests is also trending right now. This style is both easy to put together and exudes classiness. You can keep it subtle by pairing a blazer with jeans and sneakers for a casual yet polished look, or go all out with a pinstripe vest and trousers outfit. I love this trend because of its versatility and timelessness.

Back to School fashion
Back to School fashion trend
Back to School fashion trend

Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury fashion is all about understated classics, focusing on timeless pieces like blazers, trousers, silk skirts, quality jeans, and classic sweaters. This trend avoids loud logos, opting for a more subtle and sophisticated look with high-quality materials and classic bags. It’s a favorite of mine because it offers a simple yet elegant style.

Quiet Luxury fashion
Quiet Luxury fashion trend
Quiet Luxury fashion trend 2023


Metallics are currently a big trend, showing up in everything from dresses to shoes and bags. This fun, shimmering style is perfect for the holiday season, adding a festive flair to any look. For everyday wear, incorporating a metallic bag or shoes can add a subtle yet playful touch to your outfit. This trend offers a great way to spice up your wardrobe, whether you’re going for a bold, all over metallic look or just a hint of sparkle for everyday glamour.

Metallic winter fashion
Metallic winter fashion 2023
Metallic winter fashion 2023 trends

Scarf Accents

Scarves and scarf accents are a key trend this winter, especially seen in scarf jackets. Inspired by the classic Toteme scarf jacket, this trend has expanded to include a variety of other styles. Scarf jackets offer a chic and unique way to stay warm while adding a fashionable touch to any outfit. To explore my favorite scarf coats, check out my post here. Or if you’re looking for Toteme Scarf Jacket dupes, I’ve got you covered as well here.

Scarf Accents fashion
Scarf Accents fashion trend
Scarf Accents fashion 2023


Velvet is a classic material for winter, particularly popular during the holiday season. This year, we’re seeing velvet in various forms, from elegant dresses and skirts to comfortable pants and stylish tops. This fabric’s rich texture and deep colors make it perfect for festive occasions and add a sophisticated element to everyday winter wear. For more inspiration on how to wear Velvet for the holidays, be sure to check out my post here.

Velvet fashion
Velvet fashion trend
Velvet fashion trend 2023

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