Best Tips for Thinning Hair

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed a major change in my hair. Aside from the more grays added to the mix, I’ve also noticed my hair changing texture especially after having my 3 kids, but most of all thinning. This usually happens when we age or because of health and poor hair care choices like styling the hair with heat, using products with harmful ingredients, bleaching, etc. As I’ve struggled with self-confidence in thinning hair, I wanted to share my experience in tips for thinning hair and what I’ve been doing in the last few years to regain my confidence with healthier hair.

Best Tips for Thinning Hair

Best Tips for Thinning Hair

Treatments For To Treat Thinning Hair and home remedies

1. Scalp massage

One of the cheapest methods of getting thicker hair is a scalp massage. It doesn’t cost anything, and there are no side effects. Simply massage the coconut oil into your scalp. It is a great natural moisturizer that has fatty acids that helps to maintain healthy hair as well as gives it a great shine. After applying, I used a wide comb brush to bring it down to the ends.

When you wash your hair, gently apply pressure with your fingertips around your scalp to encourage blood flow. I love this scalp massage for the shower from Amazon. It helps get the residue of your beauty products off your scalp and has great reviews!

2. Anti-thinning shampoo

Anti-thinning shampoo works in two ways. First, such products provide volume for your hair, so it looks thicker. This can be helpful for people who have thinning or naturally fine hair.

Shampoos for thinning hair or hair loss also contain vitamins and amino acids that promise a healthier scalp to generate more hair over time. To get the best results, use products every day. You can also ask your healthcare provider about a prescription-strength version of the shampoo. 

3. Vitamins for Nutritional Deficiencies

Healthy hair is dependent on your overall good health. In cases of malnourishment, or with certain eating disorders, new hair may fail to generate from follicles. A blood test from your healthcare provider can help determine if you’re deficient in any nutrients.

If you are low in several key areas, your healthcare provider might recommend a daily multivitamin. Healthy hair needs iron, folic acid, and zinc to keep growing thick and strong.

Folic Acid is a type of B vitamins that helps with new cell generation and will help with thinning hair.

Omega 3: Contains fatty acid and is a beneficial supplement overall

Biotin: helps maintain hair, nails and overall skin.

For specific hair loss vitamins, these are the ones I’ve tried and help.

Nutrafol: Improves hair growth and whole-body wellness by addressing the underlying causes of thinning hair, including hormones and stress, from within.

Hum Hair Sweet Hair : Supports hair growth, maintains the health of hair follicles, helps healthy color maintenance. Results are usually in 4-6 weeks.

4. At Home Treatments If You Are Losing Hair

Best Tips for Thinning Hair - Beauty Bio Rejunvenating Scalp + Full Hair Therapy Set.

If you are looking for tools for hair growth, I recommend the Beauty Bio Rejunvenating Scalp + Full Hair Therapy Set. This is similar to micro needling (prp) that many people do at a med spa. Take a look at some of the before and afters here!

The power duo is changing the haircare game with a patented system that solves all of our probs from thinning edges, overstyling breakage, or postpartum hair loss to scalp itchiness, irritation and flakes. GloPRO® SCALP attachment’s cushion-flex engineering gently hugs the natural contours of the scalp for comfortable, targeted stimulation treatments with zero tugging or breakage; follow with our nutrient-rich Healthy Scalp Serum, formulated with proprietary FolliGRO™ complex that improves hair density, dissolves damaging product buildup, helps reduce itchiness, regulates oil production and banishes flaking after one application. Watch as hair strength, density and thickness improve in as little 60 days with regular usage and full results in 6 months, all from the comfort of home.

Styling Tips for Thin Hair

Styling tips for thin hair

Here are a few styling tips for thin hair.

Wash Your Hair Less Often + Use Dry Shampoo

I typically use dry shampoo before bed! It makes such a difference when I wake up. I love the Ouai Dry Shampoo or the Living Proof!

If you skip 1-2 days in between washes your hair will have more volume than stripping the product ever day!

Use a Volumizing Shampoo + Conditioner

Using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner makes such a difference. I notice such a difference when styling since they are building volume.

Always Apply Heat Protectant Before Styling

Heat protect is key because it protects your hair from the heat and does not damage your hair. If I’m laying low, I always let my hair air dry and not use any heat. Your hair needs a break too!

Use Volumizing Mousse / Finish off With A Lightweight Hair Spray

Treat Your Hair 1-2x A Week with Olaplex. The bonding oil makes such a difference in breakage and keeping your hair healthy.

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Add Clip in Hair Extensions

I recently added hair extensions and I have felt more confident in my hair. It’s not necessary, but if you are looking to add some for a specific event, I recommend looking here. Remember, you want to invest in some that are real hair!

I hope these best tips for thinning hair were helpful to you, if you looking for more beauty tips, check out more beauty tips here.

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions!  I’m always happy to help with styling or picking out a specific outfit for an event!   Have an amazing day!!



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