18 Fall Family Photos

Fall season is perfect for having your family photos taken. The cold weather makes outdoor family photo shoots possible if you do it earlier in fall. The beautiful fall foliage is the perfect backdrops and having your family photos taken during fall is a good idea for an annual family tradition. However, deciding what to wear as a family can be tricky. You don’t have to wear matching clothes to look good in photos, so I’m sharing a roundup of 18 fall family photos that you can use as inspiration for your fall family photoshoots.

18 Fall Family Photos

The holiday can be overwhelming and busy to say the least and then adding family pictures to all it can be a bit stressful. Scrolling Pinterest and your closet. Panicking over what in the WORLD to wear…not just for yourself, but the entire family. It can be super overwhelming, and although I am no pro at this, I have learned some tricks along the way that make the process much easier, while creating a cohesive “look” while streamlining all the anxiety along the way.

Holiday Family Pictures Style Guide - 18 Fall Family Photos

Boy Outfit (Jcrew) / Me: Free People Sweater / Black Slip Dress or Skirt / Python Boots / Girl Metallic Dress / Ryan Blazer and AG Jeans Nordstrom / Window Pane Dress (Neiman Marcus)

Family Photography Tips

Keep scrolling to see more details of each tip, but sharing what I’m going to cover

  • 18 Fall family Photos
  • How to Choose Your Color Schemes
  • How to Choose Clothing
  • Outfit Ideas
  • Where to Buy for Your Family Photos

How to Pick A Family Photographer

When choosing a family photographer, it’s important to look at their work and how they edit. Do they portray the personalities of your family and are they capturing the special moments you want to see years to come? Most often these are your Christmas cards so you want them to be fun yet captures those moments of your beauty family.

So you’ve booked your session with the photographer. Whew, next step, figure out the attire. I also ask myself some questions once we’ve scheduled them to get a feel for of What I WANT from the shoot.

What Location to Choose For Your Fall Family Photos

For me, I typically shoot at our house, I feel like the kids are more comfortable and it’s always nice to look back at pictures and capture those memories in your own home. I also, love that you can get them playing in their room or jumping on your bed. It just feels very personal and they are also a little more comfortable in their own space. Last year, we did a streetstyle shoot which was fun because alot of my content is on the street. I also am loving more of the nature shots like out in a field or a park with the leaves falling. I recently just shot with a mommy and girls fashion shot in more of a rustic vibe and I’m so excited how they turned out. Follow me on instagram to see them!

What Vibe Do You Want to Create

How do you want the pictures to feel? Classic. Formal. Relaxed. Cheerful. Earthy.

How to Choose Color Schemes

Once you have your location, it’s much easier to get the color scheme and then choose your outfits. I love to keep our family outfits neutral, but sometimes I add a pop of color or a print.

Do you have to Wear a Dress?

No! Just because you are hiring a family photographer doesn’t mean they have to be dressy. Be You! If that’s opting for jeans instead of a dress stick to what you are comfortable with!

Some Tips
  • Start with Your Outfit
  • Don’t get two MATCHY MATCHY. Add in various textures, colors that mesh with one another, and don’t be afraid to pop in some pattern mixing.
  • Avoid super bold patterns. You want to look at the pictures and notice expressions not a print your will regret.
  • Make sure whatever outfits you chose they are YOU. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable. It will read all over the photos.

Fall Family Photography Ideas

How to Choose Clothing & Where to Buy for Your Family Picture Outfits

It might sound crazy, but I plan everyones outfits around….MINE! Yes, me the glue for your family and you need to put yourself First for ONCE! You need to look and feel confident. Also, you never want to plan everyone elses outfits and then settle for something to wear. It makes everything else so much easier when you have a starting point.

One Stop Shop: Nordstrom It’s the perfect place to cover the whole family.

Women’s: If you want more of a statement piece for you such as an elevated basics, Shopbop or Revolve is always a go too for me.

Kids: A Unique Places for Kids is maisonette. I always get Grayson’s buttons downs at J.Crew.

Kids Fall Family Picture Outfit Ideas

Holiday Family Pictures Style Guide - 18 Fall Family Photos
Kids Family Pictures outfit ideas
Holiday Family Pictures Style Guide - 18 Fall Family Photos
How to Choose Clothing & Where to Buy for Your Family Picture Outfits

Fall Family Outfit Ideas

Fall Family Outfit Ideas - 18 Fall Family Photos
Holiday Family Pictures Style Guide - 18 Fall Family Photos

Where to Shop

mother and son
mother and daughter
Family photo taking tips
Family holiday photo taking tips

Blue & Cream Color Scheme for Fall Family Photos

I hope this post inspires your on captures some amazing photos! If you need specific help with your family fall photos styling, please reach out! I’m always here to help!

In addition, here is a recap of my latest blog post.

At last, please feel free to email me at thegraydetails@gmail.com if you have any questions!  As always, I’m always happy to help with styling or picking out a specific outfit for an event! 




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