The Khaite Dallas boot is on-trend right now and has quickly become a sought after item in the fashion world. Khaite’s reputation for blending exceptional quality, functionality, and modern style is perfectly embodied in these boots. While their high price tag starting at $1,200 may place them out of reach for some, there’s no need to worry. There are a variety of chic alternatives that are within budget, yet still capture the essence of the Dallas boot’s sophisticated and chic style. Stay tuned, as I’ll be sharing these fantastic options today, ensuring you can achieve that coveted Khaite look without breaking the bank.

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khaite dallas boot dupes

There are plenty of fantastic dupes out there for the Khaite Dallas boots, catering to a wide range of budgets. From high quality styles at a slightly lower price point to more budget-friendly picks, there’s something for everyone. Today, I’ll begin with the more expensive options and work my way down, showcasing a variety of choices that ensure you can get the look for less. So, stay tuned as I share these great finds today!

Anine Bing Rae Ankle Boots

The Anine Bing Rae Ankle Boots are the priciest dupes at $550 but offer a more affordable alternative to the high-end original. These boots are of excellent quality, crafted from 100% cow leather. As a fan of Anine Bing, I find these boots to be a fantastic dupe, embodying a western aesthetic with their chic stitching and a stylish low kitten heel.

STAUD Western Wally Boot

The STAUD Western Wally Boot is another excellent dupe for the Khaite Dallas Boots, sharing its western inspired silhouette and style. Available in both ankle and knee high versions, as well as in suede and leather options, these boots cater to a variety of preferences. The ankle version is priced at $425, while the knee high option is $495, making them more accessible yet chic alternatives. I personally frequently wear STAUD and highly recommend them for their amazing quality and classy designs.

Aeyde Sofie Boots

The Aeyde Sofie Boots are another great dupe option for the Khaite Dallas boots. They are made with high quality materials in Italy, similar to the Khaite boots. Aeyde ensures these ankle boots meet the mark with options in leather and suede. As well as a variety of colors and patterns. Prices starting at $495, the Sofie Boots offer versatility and elegance. Making them a great option for those seeking the Khaite aesthetic without the Khaite price tag.

Reformation Remy Knee Boot

The Reformation Remy Knee Boot, priced at $478, is crafted from high-quality materials ranging from leather to suede options. As one of my favorite brands, Reformation stands out not only for its premium pieces but also for its sustainability goals. These knee high boots are a stylish piece and an eco-conscious choice for those looking to invest in a classic wardrobe staple.

Reformation Onya Ankle Boots

The Reformation Onya Ankle Boots, crafted from black stretch nappa leather, are a chic and affordable alternative to the Khaite Dallas boots, priced at $378. Their silhouette closely mirrors that of the Khaite Dallas, offering a similar style and aesthetic. These ankle boots combine elegance and versatility. Making them a great addition to any wardrobe looking for that sleek, on-trend look.

Tony Bianco Vixon Black Venice Boots

The Tony Bianco Vixon Black Venice Boots are classic calf boots made from premium leather, priced at $330. These chic boots are not only stylish, but are made of high quality materialls. This makes them a great choice for any wardrobe. Their durability and classic design ensure they’re not just a purchase but an investment for years to come.

Everlane The Banana Heel Boot

The Everlane The Banana Heel Boot are priced at $275. They offer a range of styles from sleek smooth leather to textured croc, available in both ankle and knee high designs. Made from high quality leather, these boots are a chic option that are great quality, but won’t break the bank. Their versatility and durability make them a smart and stylish addition to any wardrobe.

Tony Bianco Verona Black Como Ankle Boots

The Tony Bianco Verona Black Como Ankle Boots, available for $240, offer a sleek design in both black leather and tan suede. They also have a silhouette very similar to the Khaite Dallas ankle boots. They are a great alternative for those seeking a similar look at a more accessible price point.

Madewell Dimes Kitten Heel Boot

The Madewell Dimes Kitten Heel Boot, priced at $198, is an excellent, more affordable option that doesn’t skimp on quality. Crafted from premium leather, these boots are not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable, thanks to Madewell’s Cloudlift padding. Available as ankle boots in a variety of colors, they offer both versatility and comfort for everyday wear.

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Khaite Dallas boots for less

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