Khaite’s Dallas Boots have quickly become a standout trend, known for their sleek design with a hint of Western flair. These Italian crafted boots are known for their amazing quality and have become a favorite among fashion forward individuals. They undoubtedly epitomize the “It girl” shoe of the season. As a proud owner, I find them to be my go-to footwear for a range of looks. They effortlessly transition from elegant to casual looks, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe. So, I’m excited to share my honest review on why the Khaite Dallas Boots are the must-have item not only for this season, but for years to come!

Trending Khaite Boots Honest Review


Khaite, established in 2016 by Catherine Holstein, focuses on high-quality, durable pieces that blend seamlessly into a modern wardrobe. The brand is all about creating chic, foundational items meant to be worn time and again in fresh ways. Among these essentials, the Dallas Boots stand out as a perfect example, because they offer a staple item for anyone looking to build an elegant and timeless wardrobe. With Khaite, it’s all about simplicity, quality, and lasting style.

When I first received my Khaite Dallas ankle boots in black leather, I was so excited. From the top-tier packaging, to the exceptional quality of the boots themselves, they did not disappoint. Crafted in Italy from supple lambskin and classic Western details, these boots quickly became a favorite in my wardrobe. And I’ve found them to be the ideal boots for both everyday wear and more formal occasions. However, when it comes to sizing, it is important to note that they run slightly small. For reference, I opted for a size 38 to ensure a comfortable fit.


I love how my Khaite Dallas boots complement a wide range of outfits all year round. So, below, I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to style them, showcasing their versatility in my daily looks.

white turtleneck and black jeans outfit

For an elevated casual look, I love pairing my Dallas ankle boots with black jeans and a cream sleeveless turtleneck. Then, add a blazer for an extra sophisticated touch. For more inspiration on styling ankle boot outfits with jeans be sure to check out my post here.

white turtleneck and black jeans outfit

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Black jeans outfit with a denim jacket

When in doubt, I opt for a black monochrome base and then complete the look with a denim jacket. This combination pairs well with the western flair of the boots while maintaining a modern and chic vibe. For more ideas on how to style denim jackets, be sure to check out my post here to get inspired.

Black jeans outfit with a denim jacket

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black monochrome outfit

An all-black monochrome outfit is a timeless classic that effortlessly transitions from different events, whether it’s a casual lunch with friends to an office meeting. I love to then add my black Dallas boots to this look. It’s the perfect balance between elegance and edgy making it perfect for any occasion.

black monochrome outfit

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Black Jeans and Sweater outfit

In the colder months, I love the cozy combination of pairing my Dallas Khaite boots with simple black pants and a sweater. To extra extra warmth and sophistication, I then add a longer coat. This outfit not only keeps me comfortable but also ensures I stay chic and on-trend throughout the season.

Black Jeans and Sweater | Trending Khaite Boot Review

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striped sweater outfit

Another sweater look I absolutely adore is the on-trend striped sweater, which I pair with black jeans, my Dallas Khaite boots, and a Demellier bag for a stylish look. The stripes add a playful yet sophisticated touch to the outfit, making it a classy choice. If you’re loving this striped sweater vibe, be sure to check out more of my favorite options here.

striped sweater outfit | Trending Khaite Boot Review

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Are they worth the Investment?

Yes, the Khaite Dallas boots are definitely worth the investment. They’re crafted from high-quality materials, whether you choose suede or leather, ensuring durability and comfort. These boots have proven to be a lifelong wardrobe staple for me, versatile enough to be worn across seasons and for a variety of occasions. In my opinion, this makes them a worthwhile investment for any classic wardrobe.

are they true to size?

The Khaite Dallas boots tend to run a little small, so it’s something to keep in mind when considering your size. If you’re between sizes or prefer a bit more room, especially for thicker socks in colder months, it might be wise to size up. Ensuring a comfortable fit is key to making the most out of these stylish boots.

should I get ankle boots or knee high?

When deciding between ankle boots and knee high boots, it really comes down to your personal style needs and preferences. I personally own and absolutely love the ankle boots for their versatility and ease of styling. However, I would also love to add the knee high boots to my collection for different occasions. Both styles have their unique benefits, so consider what works best for your lifestyle and fashion preferences. For more inspiration on how to wear knee high boots, check out my post here.

are they comfortable?

Yes, the boots I own are quite comfortable. They’re designed with both style and wearability in mind, making them great for long periods of wear. Whether I’m running errands or heading out for an evening, these boots provide the comfort I need without compromising on style.

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Trending Khaite Boot Review

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