My Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Tree and Decor

Christmas is around the corner and I’m getting so inspired on Pinterest for a consistent theme around my house. When it comes to home inspiration, I love mixing DIY into my Christmas decor for the holidays. Last year was Anthropologie themed full of deep tones and vintage vibes. Today, on the blog sharing my Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Tree and Decor.

My Anthropologie-Inspired Christmas Tree and Decor

What Style is Anthropologie?

Anthropologie is a fashion brand that offers a one-of-a-kind approach to clothing, accessories, and home décor. Known for its bohemian and whimsical style, Anthropologie is a brand that caters to creative and free-spirited individuals who are not afraid to experiment with their fashion choices. The brand’s clothing collections feature intricate details in fabrics, such as rich embroidery, crochet, and lacework that combine to create a unique and feminine feel. Though the pieces have a refined and sophisticated touch, they are comfortable and highly wearable, lending the perfect balance between functionality and style. Anthropologie accessories are equally eye-catching, featuring bold colors, playful prints, and artful designs that add a touch of whimsy and interest to any outfit.

The brand’s home décor collection is just as enchanting, from the organic textures and natural materials to the bold patterns and earthy hues, seamlessly blending modernity and vintage style. Anthropologie is for those who seek adventure and inspiration in their everyday lives. Its versatility in style makes it a brand that transcends age, gender, and personal preference, providing something for everyone.

Christmas Tree

Starting with Christmas Tree, I went with a 10ft king flocked tree from King of Christmas. I love these trees because my home tends to be more neutral and it pairs so well with my other decor. And you don’t need much decor, it’s so beautiful by itself.

At the same time, I had a Winter Wonderland birthday party theme for my daughter birthday and I saw these in a window display and just knew they would make a statement on the top of the tree. With buying a white flocked tree, simply add some ribbon and bulbs and with the statement topper you do not need much else!

When shopping the tree, keep in much west its an investment piece but worth the splurge if you have I for the next 10 years.

My Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Tree and Decor
My Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Tree and Decor

Anthropologie Christmas Tree Skirt

I love this tree skirt from Anthropologie! They have some beautiful ones this year!

My Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Tree and Decor

For me, I personally love concerting and design and the finishing touches that add such a wow factor.

My Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Tree and Decor

I decided to put my tree in my front entry. It’s such a statement when you open the door for guests.

My Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Tree and Decor
My Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Tree and Decor

Anthropologie Christmas Decor

Kitchen Decor

For holiday decorating, I kept it simple on my island by adding a single faux stem and some globes which are the perfect conversation piece.

holiday home decor inspo

These globes are from Anthropologie as well. They are so elegant and pretty with the velvet ribbon and feathers. I actually think this would be a great DIY project!

Other Accessories

holiday home decor inspo

The bottle neck trees are so pretty and make such an amazing simple statement on a console table or entry table where you want to spread some cheer.

holiday home decor inspo

I love the rich tones of these with the peach being the pop of color.

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My Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Tree and Decor
My Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Tree and Decor
My Anthropologie Inspired Christmas Tree and Decor / jewel tones
white christmas tree, white flocked tree, christmas decor

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