Old Money Makeup

The old money look is all about timeless elegance, and it’s trending not only in fashion, but also in the beauty world right now. To achieve the old money look with makeup, it’s important to focus on looking effortlessly classy and understated. Prioritizing quality makeup that enhances natural beauty with simple, high-quality products rather than bold, flashy colors. Today, I’m excited to share some old money inspired makeup tips and ideas including some of my favorite brands that fit this look. So, stay tuned for timeless makeup looks that will help you achieve the Old Money Aesthetic with your makeup every time.

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Old Money Makeup

Old Money Makeup

Sharing a roundup of 30+ old money makeup looks to help you achieve this chic aesthetic. Whether you’re going for a glam look to a more natural makeup look, there is something for everyone.

neutral makeup

Neutral makeup perfectly aligns with the old money aesthetic, which is all about natural yet refined looks. Starting with neutral makeup is a great place to begin. This is because it focuses on minimalism and colors that complement your natural skin tones. For more inspiration on embracing neutral makeup be sure to check out my post on neutral eyeshadow looks.

neutral makeup
neutral makeup ideas
neutral makeup ideas

REd lips

Red lips are a classic symbol of the old money aesthetic, because they are timeless and elegant. I often choose a red lip to add a touch of sophistication to a minimal makeup look. Opt for a bold red lip with a simple makeup base and then add a touch of mascara to create a chic look. The beauty of red lips is that they will never go out of style and they also elevate any outfit.

Red lips Old Money Makeup
Red lips Old Money Makeup
Red lips Old Money Makeup

Soft Glam

Soft glam is ideal for those times when you want a makeup look that’s a bit more done up but still holds onto the minimalistic look of the old money aesthetic. It’s sophisticated and perfect for special events, elevating your look just the right amount. For soft glam, I like to to focus on a bold eye to draw attention. While maintaining a more neutral lip color to keep the overall look balanced.

Soft Glam Old Money Makeup
Soft Glam Old Money Makeup ideas
Soft Glam Old Money Makeup ideas

smokey eye

A smokey eye is another timeless classic that perfectly captures the old money makeup look. To achieve this sophisticated style, it’s best to use neutral colors for the smokey eye such as brown or mauve. For the rest of the face, opting for a more natural color scheme helps maintain balance, ensuring the overall makeup remains classy and timeless.

smokey eye
smokey eye makeup ideas
smokey eye Old Money Makeup

no makeup makeup

The no makeup makeup look is currently trending, offering a barely there approach that enhances your natural features and skin without appearing overdone. This style is all about using light makeup to subtly improve your look, keeping everything looking fresh and natural. It’s not only classy, but it is also so easy to achieve. And it embodies the elegance and understated sophistication that defines this old money look.

no makeup makeup
no makeup makeup ideas
no makeup makeup inspo

latte inspired

Latte inspired makeup is also on trend, due to celebrities like Hailey Bieber. It’s known for its subtle brown tones makeup tones that create a warm and cohesive look. This trend embraces the use of soft, earthy hues in makeup to create a natural yet chic appearance. It’s perfect for the old money aesthetic, because it maintains a natural look while adding sophistication. Also, if you’re loving latte makeup be sure to check out my post here for more inspiration on how to achieve this chic look.

latte inspired Old Money Makeup
latte Makeup
latte inspired Old Money Makeup

rosy cheeks

Adding a touch of blush to your cheeks can truly elevate your makeup look, bringing a healthy, rosy glow to your face. It’s important to choose blush colors that complement your skin’s undertones for the most natural and flattering effect. If you’re interested in discovering the blush color that’s just right for you, be sure to check it out here.

rosy cheeks Old Money Makeup
rosy cheeks Old Money Makeup Ideas
rosy cheeks Makeup Ideas

effortless eyeliner

For an old money makeup look opt for an effortless and chic eyeliner. A sleek winged eyeliner can add just the right touch of sophistication without appearing too overdone. This style is great for pairing with a smokey eye or just a touch of mascara for a more natural look.

effortless eyeliner
effortless eyeliner ideas
eyeliner ideas

mauve lips

A mauve lip is another fantastic choice for achieving the old money makeup look. This color offers a natural looking option that keeps your lips looking beautiful without appearing too bold. Mauve is versatile, so it complements every skin tone with its understated elegance. Its subtle beauty makes it a perfect match for the refined, timeless aesthetic of the old money style.

mauve lips
mauve lip color
mauve lip color ideas

perfect brows

To achieve that old money makeup look, it’s important to have perfect brows, because they help to frame the face. Maintaining well-groomed brows through regular waxing and trimming is essential for this polished look. I also find using a brow pencil or brow pomade is important for keeping them neatly in place and looking their best.

perfect brows
perfect brows makeup
perfect brows example

Old Money Makeup Brands

Westman Atelier


Makeup by Mario

Charlotte Tilbury


Rare Beauty


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Old Money Makeup Ideas

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