My honest Ziip review

Personally, as a busy mom, investing in at home facial devices is key in my beauty routine. These modern innovations not only help to make your skin heathly but also to give it a youthful glow. I recently learned about ZIIP Halo and I’m so impressed by the technology and results I’ve seen in just the last month. So today I am excited to share an honest review of the ZIIP device and whether or not I recommend it.

my honest Ziip Review

Overall, I’ve been so impressed with the ZIIP Halo skincare benefits. I’ve seen a noticeable difference in the lifting and toning my face. I’m loving how it makes my skin tighter and gives me smooth glass like skin all from the comfort of my home. Use the code AMANDAHALO 15% off ZIIP Halo and Gels

Ease of Use

The ease of use especially with the ZIIP app treatments with Melanie Simon, makes the beauty device totally worth it. It has 7 Full Facials, 4 Treatment Plans including wedding prep, and 7 Targeted Treatments that all give my skin the boost it needs in only 2-3 minutes.


Overall, the ZIIP beauty device is an investment at $399, but when you look at the price per use vs. going to get monthly facials, the ZIIP tool far outweighs the cost and I think absolutely worth it.


The ZIIP Halo face tool is a great modern alternative to Botox or facelifts. It uses microcurrent and nanocurrent waves to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, and make skin healthier.


The handheld device almost resembles a computer mouse that fits in your hand perfectly and comfortable to use. It’s sleek and modern. And it’s the perfect size for taking with you when you need a quick lift or contouring during a trip.


Besides the app treatments, the device has amazing features. It syncs with the app and tells you when to move to the other side of your face!

How does Ziip Work

How does Ziip Work

The ZIIP Dual Waveform Technology, uses the power of low-voltage electricity with both microcurrent and ZIIP nanocurrent™ waveforms, to give powerful facials. These two wavelengths work in harmony with your body to give multiple skincare benefits as we age.

The ZIIP HALO has become one of my favorite beauty devices since it allows you to personalize treatments to your individual skin’s needs. Some of the benefits I have personally achieved are lifted, smoother, and more glowing skin.


  • Targets facial muscles to contract and relax
  • Gives you a lifted and tightened appearance


  • Cellular level wavelengths
  • Facilates growth and repair
  • Best for long lasting results

Is Ziip Worth It?


I noticed results after just one use with ZIIP. My skin overall looked more lifted and contoured. I also personally love the targeted treatments that are so quick and effective. Some of my favorites are the BROW LIFT, PLUMPED LIPS, CONTOUR, and DE-PUFF!

You will notice a difference immediately, but for the best long-term results, use ZIIP up to 5 times a week for at least 6 weeks.

How To Use Ziip Halo

Here is a quick video tutorial of how I use the ziip.

Step 1. Apply 4-8 pumps of Electric Complex Gel or serum of your choice to clean, dry skin.

Step 2. Turn on your ZIIP HALO using the power button located between the silver globes to activate THE LIFT treatment.

Step 3. Starting on one side of your face, glide both silver globes upwards from your jawline to forehead to achieve a lift.

Step 4. Once you feel the vibration (every 5 seconds), move your ZIIP HALO and repeat the movement. You should start from the outside of your face and work your way in. You may feel a tingling sensation but that is completely normal as it works the muscles!

Step 5. When you hear the beep, move to the other side of your face and repeat.

Step 6. Your ZIIP HALO will automatically turn off after your 4-minute facial is complete.

Step 7. Your ZIIP HALO will always reset back to THE LIFT treatment when switched off. If you want to try a different treatment, sync your ZIIP HALO with another treatment via the ZIIP App.

Before and AFter Ziip results

Where to buy the Ziip Halo

The best place to buy the ZIIP HALO is directly from them as you get my discount AMANDAHALO 15% off ZIIP Halo and Gels. But here are a few other places it’s sold!

  • Current Body
  • Amazon
  • Goop

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