DIY Backyard Camping Birthday Party

DIY Backyard Camping Birthday Party

We celebrated Grayson’s 8th birthday party this weekend and I couldn’t have been more happy about how it turned out as well as how much fun the kids had! As well as the best part, the smile on Grayson’s face was priceless! As you may already know I love entertaining and throwing kids birthday parties and this was one of my favorites. And as the kids get older I have to think of new ways to entertain and it turned out so fun for the kids. I thought this would be the perfect time to share how I created a DIY Backyard Camping Birthday Party, most everything is in my Amazon Shop!

DIY Backyard Camping Birthday Party

The day before the party he actually said to me. “Mom, I never know how my parties are going to turn out and then it happens and it’s amazing.” I said why do you think that is bubba, and the said “because of you mom.” I know they will never remember the details, but will always remember mommy made their birthdays super special!


Paper Fans

My mother in law saw these paper fans on a store display and thought it would be the cutest on her windows. We used white and brown craft paper and they were so fun to create. If you want me do a tutorial, let me know and I am happy to help!

Ballon Garland

Ballon Garland - DIY Backyard Camping Birthday Party
Shop Ballon Garland

Many people are a little hesitate to create a ballon garland, but trust me its easy! Here are some tips for the ballon garland. This particular one is under $30 and came with 144 ballons. It was the perfect color combination for this theme.

  • If available use an air compressor, this saves to much time. Or this one you can blow up two at once!
  • Use ballon tape / also get these stickies and you can tape them to the other ballons to fill the hole
  • Start by filling ever other hole with the bigger ballon. One complete, go back and add the smaller ballons in holes in between.
DIY Backyard Camping Birthday Party

We also used pallets for the seats (stacked two high with this water proof blanket ($32) under it . For under the tent, we stacked the pallets 4 high. It was were we served the cake and could be used as additional seating!

Party Favors

DIY Backyard Camping Birthday Party

I got the bandanas from amazon (available in so many colors), filled them with a few pieces of candy and tied them around some sticks Grayson found. We had some old boxes and used foam to keep the sticks in place and they were the perfect center piece for picnic tables.

Table Centerpiece

Table Centerpiece

For the table I wanted something simple yet that made a statement so we used a clay pot and cut some greenery off the trees!


Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board // I also love creating a charcuterie board and it’s easy to make a big presentation with. This is the board I used and its super long which is nice! Tip: Add fruit to fill it up such as whole strawberries and grapes!

Greek Hummus Appetizer Dip

Greek Hummus Appetizer Dip // This is so good healthy and perfect for summer! The full recipe is here!

DIY Backyard Camping Birthday Party food

Bacon Bar // (sriracha / mikes hot honey / maple syrup)

Hamburger / Hotdog // Baked Beans (we just this cast iron pot) // these were such and a cost effective way to feed many people!

Camping Birthday Party food ideas

Chips // I had this idea to make the cutest stickers on Canvas for his party. I cut these mini chip bags with a zig zag scissor, added the sticker and filled the chips. Also, a tip Do this right before you serve so the chips will stay fresh. I also created a sticker to go on these bamboo plates and they were adorable except that I forgot to get a picture!

Mac & Cheese Bites // These went so fast I didn’t get a picture, however these are best warm appetizer bites and the recipe is here! It’s one of my favorites for a party and they are also a hit!

Snow Smores

We couldn’t go without the camping them without a camper. Local to okc, Snow Smores makes snow cones and s’mores. The kids were so excited as you can see!


amazon outdoor games
Shop Games

We started a tournament of 4 games:

Pickle Ball // If you love pickle ball like we do, this is the perfect set and you can easily travel with it!

Tug of War // the kids had a blast with this one!

Football Throw // This was a fun one. Ryan made a board with a few holes in it and we covered the holes with Grayson’s face and they had to make it throw the hole.

Corn Hole // This is such a fun game for an any event!


We also had Hulu hoops, a big connect four and the jumbo jenga on hands as well to play!

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