How to Save Money for Luxury Items

I’m pretty open about the fact that fashion-wise, my weaknesses are designer handbags and shoes. While I don’t buy many, when I do, I know exactly what I want to get and I make sure I don’t get sidetracked by purchasing other random things. Below, I’ve put together some tips that work for me on affording high-end pieces or other designer items and how to stay focused.

The important thing to remember is that buying luxury items is just that: a luxury and not a need. It is perfectly fine to treat yourself from time to time and buy luxury items as long as you can afford it and you are paying for your needs first. There are some benefits to buying high-end, desirable luxury items from time to time but they are still a luxury and not a necessity. If you’re looking to buy an investment piece check out my 9 luxury investment pieces here!

How to Save Money for Luxury Items

How to Save Money for Luxury Items

If I’m looking to shop new luxury bag, Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue or My Theresa is my go to. Or I go straight the the designer site for find a rare GucciYSL, Louis Vuitton.

Here are a few tips to follow so that you can afford luxury items and find things like designer clothing and handbags within your price range without feeling guilty about it!

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How to Save Money for Luxury Items

1. Save Consistently

Saving consistently is much easier than you think. Think about how. you can cut out one thing you do daily that could be cut out. For instance, if your a Starbuck lover and you grab that cup of coffee or latte ever day for a year and you cut back thats $2,000 a year you could save. Or cutting back at the grocery store. Giving yourself an at home manicure. There are so many ways to cut back if you are more cautious about what you’re buying without thought then what you actually need.

Open a savings account if it helps you budget better. Luxury items can be a lot of money but in the long run you will cherish that piece forever. Especially if you were diligent about how you earned that luxury item.

2. Buy Quality over Quantity

How to Save Money for Luxury Items

I’ve mentioned it a few times and I’ll mention it again. Quality over quantity is my mantra. I’d rather have a clean and organized closet to see what I have and NEED verses a closet full of items I don’t wear or and do not fit well. When I first started taking this approach to buying I kept my budget reasonable to get me started. If you are starting to look more into quality then check out these quality bags under $1,000 here!

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3. Stay Away from Fast Trends

There are so many fast fashion items in our closet that we bought on a whim wondering. Who cares if I don’t wear it, it’s on sale and $15. Well, think about it next time. What would you rather have? Something that you love and will have for the long term so that you can pass it down to your daughter or son’s wife. In addition to that, adding investment pieces to your wardrobe can really help when it comes to creating a capsule wardrobe. I’ve noticed that my investment pieces can add to so many outfits I already own. In return, this saves me money in the long run bu not buying a new pair of sunglasses or a bag for every outfit. Feel free to check out my top designer sunglasses here!

In today’s shopping world there are so many ways to get your hands on luxury items without paying the full retail price as shown on the price tag. Poshmark, The Real Real, and even an outlet store are great places to find designer brands without having to spend a ton of money. By shopping here it gives you the ability to buy pre-owned and brand new luxury brands and be guilt free when purchasing an investment item.

4. Mix it Up

Including myself, I can’t have all luxury items, so it’s great to mix it up. Clean out your closet, think of what you really need and keep it that way. You are more likely to feel more confident with a classic target or amazon base with your Burberry jacket layered over it or the statement shoe or bag.

tips for saving to buy high-end items

My Top 5 Fashion Luxury Items

The YSL Camera Bag

The YSL OR Gucci Camera Bag is a great affordable option to start with.

A Quality Watch

I got my Rolex for my 40th birthday and it’s something I will forever cherish and pass down to my kids.

A Small Wallet

One of my favorite purchases to date. I love that I can take it from bag to bag and travel with it so easily.

A Burberry Trench

Another classic luxury item I’ve had for over 5 years and it will never go out of style.

Diamond Earrings

I love classic simple jewelry and never take these out!

Designer Sneakers

Yes golden goose are a lot of money, but I wear them on the daily and are worth it to me!

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My Top 5 Home Luxury Items

  1. Luxury Bedding. At the end of the day, you deserve to sleep well. So grab your slip mask and crawl into my favorite cozy bedding.
  2. A Great Throw. A barefoot dreams throw is always with the splurge especially with your favorite Netflix show!
  3. Quality Cookware: My go to is my Staub for soups and I love Caraway for the ease of cleaning!
  4. Dyson V11 Vacuum. I recently got this for Christmas and I’m so impressed. I think it might be my pick over a designer bag at the moment!
  5. Samsung Picture Frame TV. This is on my list. I love art and function mix!

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where to shop pre-use luxury items

If your in the market for a designer or luxury bag, but do not want to pay full price, here are the places I go.

  • Fashionphile I love fashion phile because you can BUY. SELL. AND REPEAT. FASHIONPHILE is about making pre-owned, ultra-luxury goods accessible. Their luxury handbags are great condition. AND I love that they even buy the items back from you!
  • Shopbop is another great place to find some great pre-used designer handbags from WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND. And make sure the check out the luxury Chanel Jewelry. From Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton they have a great selection of designer handbags. 
  • Ebay

I always love sharing tips with you on the daily, please drop a comments on how you save for your luxury times, I’d love to know!

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions!  I’m always happy to help with styling or picking out a specific outfit for an event!   Have an amazing day!!



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